Taking care of boat wakes and infeed waves

Lamination services are useful for providing your goods with adequate protection. However, that is just the beginning. They are also capable of supplying you with a multitude of aesthetic benefits as well. Luckily, we are a business that specialises in this area. As such, if there are particular requirements you need to meet, you can trust us to get things done.
During the lamination process, there are all sorts of problems you can encounter. The trouble is that not everyone knows how to handle them. To help, we’re going to discuss some of these issues here, and the solutions you can use to overcome them.

Boat wakes

Boat wakes are a common problem. In truth, they’re film distortions and nothing more. This name refers to the warped lines in films. They radiate out, similar to how a wake would behind a boat. The solution here is to avoid bypassing your chill rollers. These devices, together with the cooling fans, are the ideal way to circumvent wakes. If the laminator lacks chilling rollers, then try decreasing the downward roller pressure on the back-pull. This works for boat wakes that point in the opposite direction to the operator.

Infeed waves

Infeed waves are something else you need to be aware of. They are a line of bubbles that normally come from immoderate downward roller pressure. When it comes to solutions, certain laminators come with a crowned roller to compensate for deflection. Make use of your instrument’s magic window to identify whether the footprint of your print is parallel.

At Foiling Services, we have laminated a plethora of different objects throughout the years. The procedure is not always a simple one however, as particular items require more attention than others do. There’s no need to worry though, as we know how to handle every one of them. We take great care to make sure we only offer the very best lamination services.

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