Pick either side

Ours is a company that’s known for supplying some of the best decorative foiling services in the country. The sheets we utilise have found use in a plethora of applications. Noteworthy examples include decor panels, point of sales displays, infill panels, and composite doors. This is just the start however, as there is so much more that we can accomplish.

Anyone that has employed aluminium foils knows that one side is shiny while the other is matte. There has been much debate as to what is the correct way to use them. Speculation on this subject is considerable, as people from different corners of the internet have put forward their points of view. Fortunately, there is a definitive answer out there. However, it might not be what you expected.

Which side you use doesn’t matter

In truth, these two sides are the outcome of the manufacturing procedure and nothing more. In order to create foil, producers begin by melting the aluminium. Afterwards, they cool the material into slabs that we call ingots. Following this, they press the slabs on either side numerous times. This makes them thinner.

Once they reach the final press, the foil is thin enough that manufacturers must double it up. If they don’t, they won’t be able to press it past the rollers. Next, they separate and roll it onto the tubes we’re all so familiar with. The sections that emerge are smooth on those sides that the rollers are pressing. They’re matte on those sides that we press against one another.

Most importantly, we manufacture the sheet using the same substance through and through. In short, the textures have no bearing on how it functions.

At Foiling Services, we use various strategies when it comes to processing your products. Our methods include general fabrication, die cutting, vacuum forming, and line bending. The one we use will depend on the foiling and substrate blend that’s present.

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