Understanding the requirements for lamination procedures

Lamination services are in demand now more than they ever have been. This is great news for us since we specialise in providing them. Having worked in this industry for years, we know what clients expect from us. Such an understanding makes it easy for us to do our jobs.

Laminators are mechanisms that stick plastic films on each side of a flat article. This is typically a poster, picture, or a paper product such as a restaurant menu. The majority of models utilise heat to laminate the piece. There are cold variations out there however. To ensure that the laminates don’t peel accidentally, these machines seal the edges.

Get enough heat

Those laminators that require heat need to hit the right temperature before you put the paper through. Normally, there’s a light that tells you when the appliance is ready. When it’s not ready, your film won’t completely adhere to your paper. Additionally, air bubbles will pop up between the paper and film. Not to mention, you must be careful to send your paper through straight. This is particularly important if you’re sending two or three pieces at once.

Laminating twice

Some individuals send their paper through when the laminator isn’t hot enough. If you do the same, you could attempt to send it through again when it’s fully heated. At times, this strategy can heat the bottom layer so it sticks to the paper. This eliminates the air bubbles too.

Some people want to increase the thickness of their materials. One way they may attempt to do this is by using two layers of laminate. You’re free to do this, but a better option might be to use thicker laminating paper. This eliminates the risk of issues and also reduces the resources you use.

At Foiling Services, something that separates us from the competition is that we know what you should and shouldn’t laminate. We may feel that lamination services might not be the best solution in a certain situation. When this happens, we will suggest alternatives that are more appropriate for you.

If there are details you want to discuss with us, please get in touch.