Comprehending the advantages of cold foil labels

During our time in business, we’ve come to learn one very important fact about our customers; they expect the best foiling services. As a result, we give them unbeatable quality, no matter how tough things appear to be. With foils from several well-known brands, we can guarantee a quality finish on our projects.

Cold foiling, also called cold foil stamping, is a process that acts as an interior decorative accent. It makes use of visual effects to boost marketing efforts. With a colourful and sparkling approach to labelling, you can heighten visual impact and, by extension, patron interest. If you intend to fabricate dazzling cold foil labels, then you should listen to the advice we’ve prepared.


You need to understand the advantages of cold foiled labels. This technique is a rapid, cost-efficient one that you can use in tandem with the majority of other print strategies. Cold foil printing enables label creation to have a hastier turnaround. This is because the set up is quicker and you don’t require up-front tooling or die production. Furthermore, the foil printing time for your adhesive is as quick as employing standard ink.

Similarities to hot foil stamping

Originally, the aim was to ensure cold techniques would create the same outcomes you find with hot stamping. As such, it includes some of the same benefits. Standard colours include metallic dull or bright silver. In certain instances, extra colours in an array of shades can be used. This is because you introduce the ink after the foil arrives on the surface.

At Foiling Services, we use sophisticated technology when carrying out our projects. With it, we don’t have to limit ourselves to the regular gold and silver shades. Best of all, we can meet the challenges of the patterns and colours that are accessible to us.

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