Cleaning decorative laminates

A laminate offers many benefits, including protecting the substrate from environmental factors and making it much easier to clean. It is vital to take care when cleaning materials. The last thing you want to do is damage the surface because it could expose the delicate material beneath. As a leading provider of lamination services we understand how to take care of the materials. Below you will find some tips on how to clean laminated products carefully.

Avoid rubbing

Over time laminates may develop stains. The last thing you should do is rub the surface vigorously to try and get rid of a stain. Instead it is better to spend time rubbing it gently. Be patient and don’t use excess pressure because it is more likely to damage the material.

Use minimal water

Although laminates are water resistant that doesn’t mean you can get away with flooding them. If you do this it could cause the protective layer to peel away from the substrate. If you do need to wet the material make sure you dry it off afterwards.


Some tough stains are very difficult to remove from decorative laminate. Acetone can be effective if you use it carefully. Just like with water it is important not to use too much. It is also wise to try a spot test before putting acetone on the entire surface. Consequently you will be able to ensure it doesn’t cause damage.

While decorative laminates are meant to be durable and robust you can’t neglect them. Whether it is a door, bike helmet, a product display or anything else, keep them clean and they will last longer.

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