Using cold foil labels on health and beauty products

We are a business that serves an array of industries by offering high calibre foiling services. Similar to laminates, foils can produce breathtaking aesthetic results. However, when the opposite occurs, there’s the chance that a product could end up damaged. Fortunately, we take all the necessary measures to ensure that this doesn’t happen.

Cold foil labelling is a technique we use for numerous projects. This includes creating product labels. These items can benefit businesses in a myriad of ways. The topic we will be focusing on here specifically is labels for health and beauty products.

Make a product stand out

Just the right amount of foil detailing can enhance labels. This is particularly true in terms of cosmetics. You can find labels on the packaging for product lines of shampoo, body wash, soap and much more. The designs can say a lot about a brand, including promoting purity and cleanliness or style and class.

The effects of blue shades and silver flashes

Blue shades tend to be a wonderful choice of colour for packaging and labels. This is because of their relation to water’s cleansing effects. Additionally, the flashes of silver on these types of labels aid in setting the visuals off.


With cosmetic labelling, it needs to convey restful and calming traits of healing to the customer’s mind. The restful and positive links with trees, grass, and nature in general assists in pulling patrons to packaging that incorporates green. A selection of either white or clear on a label promotes a message of freshness.

At Foiling Services, we provide assistance to those who require foiling for both protective and decorative purposes. We’re capable of obtaining that elevated and distinguished appearance that only experts can. Discuss designs with us and make sure your products will really stand out.

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