The key points of cold foiling

It’s our job to foil all sorts of different materials. This includes plywood, PVC, and aluminium, as well as many more. Since our establishment in 2005, we’ve helped numerous customers in bringing out the true potential of their items. If you put your faith in our foiling services, we can provide products you will love.

Cold foiling is an interior decorative accent. Professionals designed it so that it could augment products with stunning visual effects. This is in contrast to metallic labels, which you can use outdoors and as asset tags. A colourful and sparkling labelling approach can heighten visual impacts. This in turn enhances customer interest. As such, the foiling lends itself to publications, packing and marketing materials. If you intend to create dazzling cold foil labels, you should consider the following points.

Knowledge is power

Firstly, you must understand the procedure. It consists of stamping metallic foil onto all kinds of substances. This adds to the final product’s aesthetic. It employs a variety of glue you can cure using UV light exposure. When compared to hot processes, cold foiling’s UV curable foil incorporates one narrow, semi-transparent layer. If it wasn’t thin, the light wouldn’t be able to pierce it.


You also need to know when to select cold foiling. Hot foil is a decent choice for textured or rough surfaces. However, when working with smooth facets, cold foil is the better option. Something else to note is that you can administer it sharply. You can obtain a higher resolution and use it over larger areas.

At Foiling Services, we can use our talents to improve your products. With over a decade of experience, we’re more than capable of producing first class results. In addition we have access to a wide array of different foils. Best of all, we won’t charge you absurd amounts for our work.

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