Traditional or luxury Christmas cards?

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Foiling servicesSomething that often relates to foiling is Christmas cards. You can find lots of different ones with evidence of foils. These could be small decorative touches or elaborate patterns. Receiving and sending these cards is one of the things people love most about the holiday season. Some have taken to sending digital versions. However, there are still plenty of us that like sending our best wishes via the post. If you do this, you need to decide whether to go for traditional or luxury ones.

The luxurious option

Let’s begin by looking at luxury cards. If you are trying to impress everyone on your card list, then you should use these. They are ones that people will feel happy to display in pride of place on a mantle. They tend to be high calibre paper and come with a stylish pattern with magnificent foil detailing.


As for traditional cards, they tend to have well-known festive motifs. Good examples include bells, baubles, mistletoe, holly, wreaths, and the Christmas tree. There are plenty of other seasonal items you can find on the cards as well. Lots of people adore these cards so much because they remind them of when they were a child.

In order to bring these classic cards up to date, you should pick a design you can personalise with foil, sparkle, or metallic shimmer. Something else that can instantly make them more magical and special is a sprinkle of glitter. If you would like to use our foiling services, please give us a call.

The decision

To help figure out whether you need luxury or traditional cards, think about everything you associate with the holiday. For you, Christmas could be all about the nostalgia. Here, you will be thinking about Santa, a tree by a big fire, and the season of goodwill. If this is you, then the traditional route should be the one you choose.

On the other hand, Christmas could mean something more unconventional or modern to you. If so, you should choose the luxury cards for everyone. A bespoke, luxurious card is the perfect way of sending the message that everything is good in your life. They can also be a great way to thank your customers if you are a business.

We are capable of so much with our foiling services

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