Do you understand laminating thicknesses?

One of the things that make us the UK’s favourite provider of laminating services is our huge range of films. We have laminate to suit any needs, including products from some of the biggest manufacturers. So, whether you need a thin clear laminate or a thicker one with any kind of colour, we can help.


Laminating servicesIf you do want to use lamination for any kind of product, you will need to think about what kind of thickness you want. This will have an impact on various things. For example, thicker laminates are more rigid. So, if you need some flexibility such as with a cafe menu, a thinner film will be best. But, thin film can also offer less protection. You need to think about this too.

An important term

When you are looking at laminates and laminating services you will likely see the term mil. A lot of people confuse this to mean millimetres. However, it is actually a very different unit of measurement. One mil is a thousandth of an inch (0.001″). That works out at 0.0254mm.

There are a number of different film thicknesses to choose from. Some of the most common ones include:

1.5mil – this is popular for things like handouts and flyers because it is very economical.
1.7mil – the slight increase in thickness here gives a more professional feel, as a result it is common for thinks like maps that still need to be flexible.
3mil – this is a very functional film thickness that is ideal for items that require infrequent handling.
5mil – here we are getting to the point where the films start to feel more rigid but still have some flex.
10mil – the thickness here is reaching a level of rigidity where you can’t bend or crease the product.
15mil – this is one of the thickest films you can opt for and is usually for laminates that have a texture such as woodgrain film for furniture or flooring.

What can your machine handle?

When you select a film for your laminating services you also need to think about the capabilities of the laminator. Most machines will be perfectly fine working with the thinner films. However, some can start to struggle as the thickness increases. You may find you need more robust machinery to work with any over 5mil.

Talk to us about laminating services

If you do need any help with lamination, we would love to assist you. Our services are first rate. We have access to a huge array of films, including options for internal and external products. More importantly, we have excellent equipment. That means we have no problem working with different laminate thicknesses and lots of materials.

So, talk to us today if you have a project in mind and want top quality laminating services. We offer great prices, helpful services, and more. That is why we are a market leader and have many happy clients.