Think first. Laminate later.

We are a business that specialises in foils. Another area we have much experience with is laminating services. Our team supplies the latter because we recognise the need for clients to have protective measures for their items. Using our skills and experience, we provide suitable and cost efficient solutions.

Laminated printing refers to printed pieces you have enclosed between two clear plastic film sheets. You laminate here to safeguard the media against moisture and stains. It also increases its durability and strength. Moreover, it adds vibrancy and sheen to the ink colours.

You could be someone that has an upcoming print project that demands lamination. If so, you will need to consider some vital points. By doing this, you can choose the laminate that best reflects your requirements.

What finish do you need?

Laminating servicesFirst, ask yourself if you need a matte or gloss finish. Laminate film exists in many sheen levels. The level you chose will depend on the kind of project and your personal preference. Glossy laminate films supply a shiny, glass-like aesthetic. It also augments the vibrancy and colour of the underlying ink considerably. Thus, it is a popular pick for promotional pieces. These can include showroom displays and presentation folders. You can use them for the covers of training materials, reports, and books too.

As for a matte laminate, it supplies a somewhat softer appearance. Furthermore, it minimises glare. Thanks to the lower sheen level, the finish enables people to read the information more easily. As a result, it is an excellent choice for bar and restaurant menus, binders, manuals, book pages, and maps.

What kind of edge?

Secondly, you must decide if you need a flush or sealed edge. When we say the latter, we are referring to lamination that extends past the edge of your print media. As for a flush, it is laminate that is even with the edge.

People often employ a sealed edge. This is if they are going to use the print media in an environment with contaminants like grease, oil, or moisture. In scenarios like these, you extend the lamination beyond by 1/8″ to 1/2″. This is so that the bottom and top laminate sheets bond to one another around the media’s perimeter. Here, dirt and fluids will never encounter the edge.

As for a flush edge, you use it for print pieces that won’t be subject to excessive dirt or moisture. Or, you will utilise it when the necessary aesthetics warrant it. To give an example, it is common for the interior pages of a binder or book, and business cards.

Round or square corners?

Another thing you must ask is whether your corners should be round or square. Depending on how thick your laminate film is, the item can become somewhat rigid. When this occurs, a 90ยบ corner can be sharp. Let’s say that the piece will be something you handle frequently. Here it is preferable to shape the corner to prevent it from becoming a safety issue. It will keep everyone, especially children, safe.

The ideal way of making the corners of rigid pieces more user-friendly is rounding them off. Besides being safer, these corners provide a great finish. If the laminate is thin enough to stay pliable, the corners can remain square. Contact us if you need top tier laminating services.

Do you need any additional finishing?

Finally, ask yourself if you need to use any extra finishing. After printing and lamination, some items receive supplementary work. For instance, inserts heading into a binder could need holes along one edge. Similarly, operating instructions and tags are typically for hanging from machinery or merchandise. They do so by a tie or hook. These will need one or multiple holes near a corner or edge. Sometimes, you must install an eyelet too.

Another fact is that you may need to die-cut the item into a special shape. This includes a creatively designed bookmark or the tab dividers for a custom binder. What’s more, a piece could need folding and scoring, such as for a menu.

We will get everything right with our laminating services

At Foiling Services, we have become an authority on how best to supply lamination. Our team understands the nature of such work. They are aware of how easy it is to get things wrong here. Thus, we make certain that we get everything perfect the first time around.

So, if we can be of assistance to you, please let us know. We have the skills to offer laminating services for many different items. We can even deal with exterior films.