Foil lamination bags are the future

If you are looking to breathe some new life into your items, you should try foiling services. By using them, you can bring an incredible appearance to what you are working on. Our team has been specialising in this field for a long time. We understand how everything works here. So, we are more than capable of providing the results you need.

The world is constantly changing, and the packaging industry is no different. Foil lamination bags are making their presence known thanks to their myriad of benefits. Initially, they were introduced in the 1970s as an alternative to plastic and paper bags. Today, people consider them one of the most sustainable packaging options in existence. This is because you don’t need much energy to manufacture them and you can recycle them repeatedly.

Market analysis

Foiling servicesAccording to an analysis originating from Fact.MR, the aluminium foil packaging market will increase in the coming years. It will do so at a CAGR of more than 4%. By the end of the 2021-2031 forecast period, it will reach $55b.

As claimed by this report, aluminium foil packaging sales will expand. They will do so by one and a half times over the period. The market growth is obtaining its fuel from its efficacy as a plastic packaging substitute and the structural strength. So, foiling services will likely become more in demand too.

The foil lamination bag comes with a multitude of benefits over other materials. For this reason, various companies have chosen it for their packaging requirements. Aside from that, you can use the bags for other purposes. Examples include industrial, pharmaceutical, and food packaging.

The foil will safeguard everything from environmental factors like moisture. Furthermore, the bags are cost efficient and lightweight. As for the biggest advantage, it would have to be the recycling potential. You don’t have to use raw materials for every new project. As a result, you can do business sustainably. Contact us if you need the best foiling services available.


We have briefly touched on the benefits of these bags, but now we want to go into a little more detail.

Keeping in the heat and freshness

One benefit is that nothing surpasses them in terms of retaining heat and freshness. The foil lamination bag’s property of being an outstanding thermal conductor lets it keep the product safe for a time. As a result, aluminium foils are extensively used as wraps for all kinds of snacks.


The foil bags have an excellent degree of durability. You make them using aluminium, polyethylene, and polyester. The result is something much more durable than paper.

So many uses

Foil lamination bags also have an extensive list of uses. You can use them in any industry where it is mandatory to keep items sealed or fresh. This could be the packaging of snacks and condiments, pharmaceutical goods, and animal feed. Other uses include fertiliser and chemical products.

Leak-proof packaging

A wonderful benefit of the foil is it can stop light, air, moisture, and water from entering items. PE films with multiple layers protect the bag’s contents from the extremes of weather and temperature so they last longer.


The last advantage is that these are bags made of two layers of material. A plastic bag acts as the first layer and the second is a thin sheet of foil. The former comes with an adhesive coating on one side so they can stick together. What you will end up with is a durable and shiny finish for your package.

We can work with various foils to offer comprehensive foiling services

At Foiling Services, we use advanced equipment to perform our work. This allows us to cater for all kinds of needs. We give clients the widest choice, including mirror, printed, and brushed foils. There are also lots of colour options too.

So, if you would like to use our foiling services, feel free to get in touch. We love new challenges and finding the best way to apply foil to get the results you want.