Should I use laminated glass over tempered glass?

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Using the right glass

Laminating servicesThe correct kind of glass has a monumental effect on the security, comfort, and look of your property. Modern technologies and enhancements in the material work together. They ensure you receive the functionality and aesthetics you want.

To many, glass is going to seem like the less crucial detail whilst selecting windows. But, it has a vital effect on the warmth and overall look of your property. There are multiple factors to think about before you make your choice. Examples include daylight, security, and surrounding. Many reasons exist as to why security glasses like laminated and tempered glass would be an excellent fit for the property.

The one we want to look at more closely is laminated glass. With it, two panes or more are bonded together using a resin interlayer. This is to form a single sheet, and the process happens under high pressure and temperature. In the majority of these glasses, Polyvinyl Butyral is the interlayer material. Additional materials exist as well, like Thermoplastic Polyurethane and Ethylene Vinyl Acetate.

Applications and advantages

You can use laminated glass for a huge array of things, such as doors, windows, and sloping glazing. Others would be balustrades, curtain walls, and glass partition walls.

The glass has a plethora of benefits. They are making it popular among contemporary home owners. For one thing, you cannot cut it from the outside. It is a durable and versatile substance as well. Furthermore, when broken, although it shatters it still manages to hold its form. This lowers the risk of injury.

Another advantage is that it is difficult to break. It can endure repeat blows. So, it is a good choice if break-ins are a concern. Let us know if you require the UK’s finest laminating services.

Pick laminated glass over tempered glass

When people look at glasses they often come down to a choice between these two. The first can often be the superior choice. While it might be a mixture of numerous panes with interlayer materials in-between, the transparency won’t change. It is thicker than its tempered counterpart and supplies better insulation. What this does is prevent air leaks and leads to less sound transfer.

This glass is UV resistant and can block 99% of UV light transmission. It is made to resist damage and shock. Such impact resistance makes it a favourite for families since it is the safer option. Plus, it is also flexible so it bends prior to shattering but does not scatter. Laminated glass puts up with temperature changes too. It is extremely resistant to extreme weather conditions and heat.

Lastly, it is very functional and durable. It is able to last as long as 25 years with minimal maintenance. When you maintain it properly, it can endure for generations.

Laminating services that benefit you

At Foiling Services, the work we have done in lamination has led us to becoming a leading authority in the field. Our team understands how to best carry out laminating. In addition, we know how sensitive it can be. For this reason, we make certain that we get everything right the first time.

So, if you would like to work with us next time you need laminating services, please get in touch. We can advise you about different types of film, applications, and recommend a service for you.