A proven direct marking method

Making a good mark is important for businesses, regardless of the size or industry. It is especially vital for materials that will go to customers like brochures, packaging, and promo materials. There are lots of options here, but hot foil stamping stands out. It offers lots of advantages and can help you to make a great impression. As a leading provider of foiling services, we are always happy to recommend it.

What is it?

Foiling servicesThe process is quite an interesting one. What you do is take a hot stamping press, a die, and a swatch of foil. You then physically stamp the press, pushing the die and foil on to a substrate. This action will force the latter two together with the heat bonding them. You will be left with a foil image.

This direct marking method is excellent if you want to add a logo, motif, monogram, or seal to an item. You can even use it for small pieces of artwork depending on the ability to create a suitable die.

The best thing here is the foil will look crisp and clean. There is no need for adhesives or anything that could cause some mess. The pressure of the press should also cleanly cut the foil in the correct design. You are even more likely to get a great result when you choose leading foiling services like ours.

What to add foil to?

The great thing about the hot foil stamping direct marking method is it is exceptionally versatile. You can use it to make a mark on a book cover or spine, a leather luggage tag, any kind of cards, commercial printing, and much more. Some people also use it to stamp wiring and cables or ribbon.

There are very few limitations here. That is why marketing departments love it so much. You can be creative with designs and also have lots of foils to choose from. There are traditional options like silver and gold or you can choose one of dozens of metallic colours. You can even go for specialist options like holographic or mirror foil.

Choose our foiling services to make your mark

We would love to help you achieve your goals with any kind of mark making. Whether you are a new business looking to get off the ground or have had a rebrand, foil elements could be exactly what you need. We know how to use them effectively. Most importantly, we can give you access to the best foils on the market and can apply them with care.

So, if you want a reliable, cost effective but highly impactful option, choose foiling services. We can give you advice about any kind of project if you are unsure of anything. Just get in touch with us to start looking at options.