Sustainable foils – Maintaining plastic recyclability

Plastic use is a major problem all around the world. It puts a lot of pressure on the environment, particularly single use plastics that you can’t recycle. There can be another issue here if the finishing means the items are no longer recyclable. Luckily, there are materials you can use that are great for maintaining plastic recyclability. Sustainable foils are some of the best options, and you can use them to finish an array of products.

What are they?

sustainable foilsKURZ is one of the leading foil manufacturers in the world. They develop a full range of high quality goods, including stamping foils for automotive trim and decorative plastic items. Sustainability is vital to KURZ and their materials are great for the environment.

The most important thing to note here is that there are no hazardous materials in the foils. For example, there is no lead, cadmium, or mercury. In addition, there are no volatile hydrocarbons. Instead, the foil is a fine layer of aluminium or a thin lacquer.


Amazingly, these sustainable foils don’t have a negative impact on recycling. A foil will have a minimal decorative layer, just 1.5–3 μm. That can be just 1% of the total product thickness. Even then, just a small amount of that is the aluminium or lacquer.

Because there is only a tiny amount of foil, the item you apply it to will still be recyclable. You can get the best of both worlds; a beautiful look and items that you can still recycle.

If that wasn’t enough reason to choose KURZ foils, you can recycle the plastic with little impact on the new products. For example, tests show that virgin material and 100% recyclate would have a similar smooth surface. Plus, they could have the same decorative finishes.

Speak to us about sustainable foils

At Foiling Services, we only choose high quality materials from the best manufacturers. As you would expect from the details above, KURZ foils are among them. They are a fantastic choice for all kinds of products, especially if you want to retain recyclability.

So, if you want to use sustainable foils for your next project, come to us and ask for these stamping foils. We can even advise you if you have any questions about using them.