Think about using foil for shoe boxes

You’ve probably never bought a pair of shoes simply because the box was attractive. However, you might have made a purchase and found that the packaging adds an extra bit of value. You may even have chosen to keep the box because it looks great and celebrates the brand. A good idea here is to choose foiling services for shoe boxes. They can make them look really impressive. Let’s have a closer look at why.

The box

Foiling servicesShoe boxes primarily work to protect your new shoes so you get them home in their best condition. They prevent scratches, scuffs, and other little damages. You can also use them to store your shoes safely to protect them.

Beyond this though, the boxes do a number of other crucial things. They are a vital part of the experience of unpacking and trying on your shoes. A good box design here can make it more exciting and will delight the customer.

In addition, the boxes are crucial for communication and identification. Brands can design them to promote their identity and share their values. This can also make it much easier for people to organise their shoe collections at home; they will be able to easily identify which box is for which brand.


There are a number of important things to think about with shoe boxes. You should get the specifics down first. Then you can look at adding decorative elements like using foiling services.

The most crucial thing to think about is size and shape. Boxes need to be large enough to store the shoes in the preferred way. However, it is also important to think about customer preferences here. Some will prefer larger boxes with additional packaging elements while others want minimalist, eco-friendly boxes. Remember to think about practicality too.

It is also important to think about functionality and durability. You have to make sure the box will be functional and durable enough to protect the shoes. Much of this comes back to the materials you choose.

Finally, think about aesthetics and branding. The goal should be to ensure people have a memorable experience with the boxes. You want them to look and feel fantastic. Nice design elements will go a long way too, whether it is printed artwork, foil logos, or a combination of techniques.

Make it unique

One of the best things here is modern processes make it very easy to create unique, eye catching shoe boxes. For example, you can have bold colours, art, graphics, and more. With foiling services you can add different metallic elements, holographic foils, or other types. It can be a foil logo, slogan, or full piece of art.

Another good idea is to think about what kind of interesting features you could include. It could be something simple like a latch to make sure the lid doesn’t come off. Or it could be a handle to make it easier to carry the box. You could even go the whole nine yards and have things like compartments in the box and a beautiful soft lining.


A vital thing to keep in mind though is that most people want environmentally friendly products today. This includes shoe boxes. So, it can be a good idea to choose sustainable materials. If you want foiling, there are eco-friendly options for that too.

Do you want stunning foiling services?

Foil is a really great addition to all kinds of packaging, including shoe boxes. You can use it to make a positive impression on the customers. It can provide a lot more value for a relatively small investment.

If you are thinking about foiling services, we would love to help. We can supply a massive selection of foils, including recyclable ones, various colours and finishes, and more. Contact us to find out more.