People do judge a book by its cover

The right book cover solutions can make your product sell. Contrary to that popular saying, people do in fact judge a book by its cover. So, you need to make it stand out. Sustainable foils can be an excellent way to do it.

Sustainable foilsChances are we’re all guilty of judging a book before we read it. Shiny metallic elements are able to grab attention on the shelf. Colourful sprayed page edges lead to people being convinced they need that edition. These and other design choices create wonderful products. They draw individuals in and encourage them to buy.

Enhancements are production and design elements you add to a book’s cover that make the design pop. With a decent cover, you can instantly make an impression. As a result, it can be the difference between someone noticing or ignoring a title. Lovely books attract readers and can also be visually appealing for social media. They aid with marketing. There are many enhancement options available too. We’re going to go over what is popular and why.

Embossing and debossing

Firstly, we have techniques where lettering or part of the design gets ‘stamped’ into the cover board. It produces either an imprinted (debossing) or raised (embossing) feel. Instead of being noteworthy from a distance, these offer the book a more tactile feel in the hand.

What’s more, you can use embossing and debossing in tandem with other effects such as sustainable foils. This draws attention towards the design. It provides a 3D edge to covers that other enhancements aren’t able to.

Laminates and spot UV

These can enhance a design too. The laminates aid you in protecting the book cover. At the same time, they enhance the look and feel. Two common finishes exist, these being gloss and matte. The former leaves behind a shiny cover, frequently found on children’s books. As for the latter, it’s a non-reflective finish seen more on modern fiction. You can leave books unlaminated too. This produces a more organic feel, but leaves the product more vulnerable to harm.

Spot UV is a clear gloss laminate you lay on top of matte laminate. This brings a shine to essential components of your cover. Included here are titles and design elements. It’s possible to apply it to the cover, back cover, and spine. You can use it with embossing as well, though this will cost more.

Metallic foils

As we already said, metallic foil can enhance your book cover design. Although typically left shiny, you can also use matte foils. Holographic and patterned options are usable as well. Sustainable foils are one of the best choices if you want the books to be gentle on the environment.

In the past, foils were mainly used by the famous crime thriller writers of the 1970s to highlight names. These days though, there are more creative uses. They bring covers to life, usually by weaving in and out of the design.

Think about the environment

We want to end by talking about the environmental impacts of book cover design. Let’s say you are an environmentally-conscious individual. If so, you can make your physical items as eco-friendly as possible whilst still standing out from the crowd. You should go for enhancements like metallic foiling and embossing over those that use plastics. This is made easier with the use of sustainable foil. Such effects make recycling books more straightforward in future as well.

Our team knows what it’s doing with sustainable foils

At Foiling Services, we can help if you are seeking to use foils for protective or decorative purposes. When done correctly, it can massively enhance your items. The opposite can happen if you do things wrong though. Using our experience, and the most advanced machinery, we work to prevent this.

To make things greener here, we use sustainable foils. So, if these particular products interest you, get in touch with us.