The importance of laminating lorry curtains

One of the best uses of laminating services is to ensure products have sufficient protection during transportation. The films can protect various materials against moisture, UV rays, abrasion, and more. They even protect against intentional vandalism such as graffiti. In addition, the laminates play another crucial role in helping to improve the performance of lorry curtains. In turn, it can keep loads safer. We want to have a closer look at this today.

What are they?

Laminating servicesEveryone will have seen a lorry at one time or another. There are lots of types, including box trucks or refrigerated units with solid bodies. The most common type though is HGVs with curtain sides. They have a frame and solid roof with curtains along the sides that you can move.

Curtain sided lorries are popular for a number of reasons. The biggest benefit is the flexibility. It is easier to load and unload them; simply open whichever curtains you need to and off you go. You can do it without a loading bay. This is far more efficient than solid sided lorries where you would have to unload everything or in a specific order. Partial deliveries become possible and drivers can easily take on multiple loads at once.

Laminate the curtains

The quality of the curtains here plays a crucial role. Because there isn’t a solid body, there may not be as much protection for the loads. However, laminating services can improve it dramatically. The laminates can protect against UV rays, moisture, abrasion, and more. As a result, it will make the curtains last longer and benefit the loads too.

Another major benefit is the laminates improve the graphics on the curtains. It is common to see printed ones displaying branding and artwork. However, exposure to the elements can cause it to fade. A laminate can prevent that, ensuring the ink looks vibrant and can withstand spending a lot of time outside.

Two options

Typically there are two ways to do laminating services for lorry curtains. The traditional technique is liquid lamination. It is a good option for all kinds of flat items. You simply apply the liquid laminate and an activator then leave it to cure. It will harden and provide the protection. An old method would see people apply it with a mop. However, there are newer techniques that use equipment to ensure an even application and a very low margin for error.

The second option is film lamination. What you do here is print the curtains and then let the ink dry. This gassing off allows the solvents to disperse. Once it is dry, generally after 24-48 hours, you can apply a laminate film. The adhesive on the back allows it to adhere to the curtain.

Film lamination is the go to for products that aren’t flat. It also typically offers superior protection because of the quality of the films. There are even exterior ones that offer more UV and moisture protection. Some are anti-graffiti.

Do you want to try laminating services?

As you can see, laminates play a surprisingly important role in protecting goods during transportation. Lorry curtains can be more durable and offer better protection with a quality laminate finish. It can even have aesthetic benefits, making printing more vibrant. You can also choose different finishes such as clear, matte, or textured.

At Foiling Services, we provide different lamination solutions for clients. We have access to some of the best films in the world, including products from leading developers. In addition, we can apply them carefully to various sheet materials and more. We can even provide advice and suggestions for projects.

So, if you want laminating services, speak to us. Our results are excellent every time.