Recycling car parts

The UK Government has a number of regulations to protect the environment. The End of Life Vehicle Directive looks to limit the amount of waste from scrapping vehicles. It details how to recover, reuse, and recycle parts. We want to have a closer look today. Then if you want recyclable foils for car parts that ensure recycling is still an option, you can speak to us.

The rules

The most important thing in the Directive is it sets a target of 95% recovery and 85% recycling for parts on end of life vehicles (ELVs). These targets consider the average weight of different vehicles.

Authorised treatment facilities (ATFs) have to take responsibility for achieving these goals. They must also look at storage, treatment, and removal of hazardous liquids and components in ELVs.

What can you recycle?

Recyclable foilsDisposing of ELVs is a very complex matter. A typical car can have 30,000 components. Larger vehicles can have even more. So, you need to think about the recovery, reuse, and recycling of all of them.

Focusing on recycling, there are plenty of parts you can recycle. Let’s discuss some of the main ones.

The best thing here is scrap metals are all recyclable. That is good news because a huge percentage of the mass of vehicles is metal. This can include parts of the chassis and frame, the engine, axles, and even smaller components like handles.

Modern vehicles contain a huge number of plastic parts. This includes bumpers, fuel tanks, and various pieces of trim. Many interior parts that look metal can actually be plastic too; they just use recyclable foils to achieve the metallic finish. You can recycle all of these parts.

The windscreens and windows in vehicles aren’t just glass. They typically have layers of plastic for safety and stability. In the past they made it very difficult to recycle the materials. However, big improvements in techniques and equipment mean it is easier now. So, they are recyclable.

One of the most important parts to recycle is the batteries. They can contain a number of valuable resources. More importantly, they can contain chemicals that would cause a lot of harm to the environment. So, recycling them is much better.

Interestingly, you can even recycle engine oil. Over time it gets dirty, hence why you occasionally need an oil change. But, you don’t need to throw it away. Old oil can be cleaned to use again.

In the past a common way to dispose of old tyres was to burn them. However, that is incredibly bad for the environment. Today they should be recycled instead.

The last thing we want to talk about is the carpets, mats, and other interior fabrics. They are crucial for making vehicles comfortable. Luckily, there is a range of ways to recycle different materials.

Speak to us about recyclable foils

At Foiling Services we strive to provide the broadest selection of foils. As a result, our range includes products from some of the world’s best manufacturers. There are different styles, finishes, thicknesses, and more. There are even products for exterior use. Whatever you need, you can rely on us to provide quality materials.

The recyclable foils are particularly popular. They are great for different vehicle parts, offering a more sustainable and eco-friendly solution. You can contact us if you want to find out more about them.