Take care with laminating important documentation

Sources will tell you that laminating certificates and similar vital documents is important. However, this is something you should think about carefully before committing. There is a chance that there could be an issue. Choosing professional laminating services can help massively, but there is still a slight chance of errors.


Laminating servicesFor those that don’t know, lamination is a process people use to protect various materials. Typically, the films are thin layers of transparent PVC or polypropylene.

People decide to laminate their paper documentation and certificates for many reasons. For starters, it safeguards them from harm from fluids and grease. It’s the same for damage via dirt and dust.

Some also believe that laminate is able to elongate the lifespan of certificates and other crucial documents too. Lastly, it improves the appearance, quality, and strength of an item.

There is more to it that what we have mentioned already, but these are the most significant reasons why people use lamination. However, there are disadvantages afoot here too. Let’s dive into the reasons why you may not want to laminate certificates and other important documents. The info will help you to decide if laminating services are the best choice.

Overheating isn’t good

To begin with, overheating may destroy your documents. For a hot laminating machine, if it’s not operated correctly, it can destroy the item permanently. Lamination does have the potential to burn paper. Our team understands this, which is why we always take great care with our services.

Flattening important features

Certain certifications contain stamps, marks, security seals, or prints. When you laminate them, such documents or certificates completely flatten out. Some foreign institutes and organisations are very serious about these seals. Thus, flattened documents might not be easily approved or verified.

Duplicates going wrong

There may be cases where you need to duplicate certificates by using a photocopier. If you laminate, it might not generate the best effect thanks to the reflective film. Distortion of colours, text, and lines may happen.

Now, you are aware of the level of damage you can do to your documents with laminate. As such, you should think carefully before you choose laminating services for important/legal documents. Lamination can render them altered/invalid with some organisations.

Important considerations

If you intend to laminate, there are some details you should consider. For one thing, you can utilise plastic bags with seals at the tips for storing documents rather than laminating.

If you plan on laminating, ensure that the machine you are using isn’t overheated. Use sample documents to help check. You have the option to use a cold laminating machine instead of a hot one too. This can end up being safer.

Keep your original documents in a safe case or bag. Then, carry around duplicates if you have to produce something. Make sure your original documentation stays clear of any moisture, dirt, and similar contaminates. Even if you insist on laminating, see to it that you scan everything. Then save them directly to a cloud drive or your email to preserve a copy.

We’ll get you the help you need with laminating services

At Foiling Services, we help our clients get the most from lamination. At the same time, we let them know when it won’t be the most suitable approach. Here, we will offer advice about alternative solutions they can use. When lamination is the best choice though, we will go above and beyond to produce the greatest results.

So, if you want laminating services, please let us know. We can arrange them for many needs, calling on our expertise of dealing with different sheet materials.