Use foil to create a sense of movement

Artwork comes in all shapes and sizes. Thanks to people like Andy Warhol, even simple product labels can be works of art. Businesses should invest time in getting all the designs right, from logos to packaging. Whenever you use any form of imagery, think about how you can make the best impression. Using foiling services can be a really good idea. It is able to produce incredible results.

The value of movement

Foiling servicesOne of the core principles of art is to create a sense of movement. This can elevate designs, making them more attractive, dynamic, and impactful. It can offer a number of advantages. Most crucially, it generates interest and excitement. Businesses definitely want this because it can help make their products more successful.

Let’s say you had two almost identical products sitting on a shelf in a shop. The quality of the packaging design can play a major role in one getting chosen over the other. If the artwork has the feeling of movement and is more interesting, there is a higher chance it will be the one selected.

How to do it?

There are several different ways you can design to give the sense of movement. You need to think about what compositions and arrangements draw the eye and make it move across imagery. You can combine many things to achieve it, such as lines, colour, dots, and more.

A good thing to do is consider larger and smaller elements. The eye will typically be drawn to the largest ones first and then move on to small details. You can use this idea to help control how the eyes will travel across artwork.

You also need to think about the space you leave. It can be as important as the design elements. You don’t want it to be a mess of different images with no spacing; that can cause more harm than good. Instead, make sure you leave space where it is necessary. Don’t crowd the main elements or the message can be lost.

Using foil

An interesting thing you can do is choose foiling services. The metal foil naturally helps to create a sense of movement because of how it reflects light. It can make the colour change entirely so a piece of artwork looks completely different from various angles.

You can go a step further here by choosing the texture of the foil. There are numerous options, including smooth and glossy, brushed, and more. The impression they give and sense of movement will differ because of the textures.

A famous example to consider here is Magic the Gathering cards. There are different types of foils for the cards. Some have textures so the artwork appears to be moving when the card does. The impact is wonderful.

Do you want to try foiling services?

Whatever you have in mind, if you are thinking about elevating the art you should consider foil. It is a cost effective choice, especially when you compare to other decorative methods. More importantly, it can work well with techniques such as embossing and printing.

If you want to explore foiling services, you can speak to us. We have a huge amount of experience and can supply various foils for different needs.