Think about the details of laminated printing

Laminating an object is a delicate process, one that asks for skilful hands. Our company has been working in this industry for many years. As a result, our team are more than ready to oversee the lamination services we offer. Thanks to them, we are able to produce the high calibre results we are famous for.

Lamination servicesLaminated printing is where you print pieces that you have enclosed between two clear plastic film sheets. You laminate to protect the print from moisture and stains. In addition, you can add vibrancy and sheen to the ink. Then of course you have the increases to the durability and strength.

You might have a print project coming up that demands lamination. If so, there are several important details to think about. This shall aid you in choosing the most suitable laminate for your requirements.

The thicknesses

Firstly, think about the thickness that most suits your project. Laminate film comes in a myriad of thicknesses. You measure these in mils. A single mil is 1/1000th of an inch. Therefore, laminate film that measures 1.5 mil will end up being .0015″ thick and so on.

Your printing is going to end up between the two laminate pieces. Due to this fact, a 1.5 mil laminate is going to amplify your printed piece’s thickness by 3 mil. Don’t make mistakes by only thinking about the thickness on one side.

Essentially, the more rigid you wish the final product to be, the thicker the laminate you will require. However, you could be planning to fold your printed piece. In this scenario, it would be ideal to use a film that is 3 mil or lower. Folding becomes harder as the thickness goes up.

Round or square corners?

Ask yourself whether the corners should be rounded or squared too. Depending on the laminate film’s thickness, a piece can end up rather rigid. Once this occurs, a 90ยบ corner can be somewhat sharp.

The piece could be something you have to handle regularly. Here, you will want to shape the corner in a way that prevents it from becoming dangerous. One of the more common ways to go about this is to round the corners off. This can look great in addition to being safe. If you require first rate lamination services, let us know.


Finally, see if there are any extra finishing operations. It is not unheard of to do some supplementary operations with laminated printing. For instance, inserts heading inside a ringed binder might need drilling along an edge. Therefore, it is always worth looking into.

We understand your needs for lamination services

At Foiling Services, we have the knowledge and experience to get the results you are after. We use both to avoid potential issues with the delicate laminating. Our team works to understand your items and decide on the best course of action from there.

You won’t find better lamination services than ours. So, if we can be of assistance to you, give us a call.