Think about how temperatures will affect your packaging

The main goal with packaging is to effectively protect the contents. To achieve this, it must be able to guard against all kinds of environmental factors. However, different temperatures can affect the packaging and products inside. That can cause massive issues. We want to look closer at it today and how laminating services could help.

Paper and card

Laminating servicesThese are some of the most common types of packaging materials in the world. As a result, you can get almost any kind of product in some kind of box. It could hold the product directly or just be the outer container. In many cases you get boxes of goods inside an even bigger, sturdier box.

There are many great aspects about using boxes. For example, they are cost effective as well as reusable and recyclable. You can also print various things on them to make the packaging more attractive.

The major issue here though is paper and cardboard can struggle in different temperatures. Heat typically isn’t much of an issue, but the packaging won’t offer much protection for the contents. Colder temperatures can make boxes fall apart because it affects the adhesives.

Moisture is the biggest risk by far. It can deteriorate the materials rapidly. So, you need to be careful when it is wet and humid. Laminating services can be very useful here. It protects the substrate from the moisture.

You can also have issues with paper and card if it is excessively dry. The dryness can weaken the materials and make them brittle.

Plastic and foam

The next most popular option for packaging is plastics. A variety of them get a lot of use for things like bottles and food trays. They are also cost effective, but can provide a little more protection against environmental factors.

You still need to be careful with extreme temperatures here though. If it is excessively hot some plastics will warp and compromise the structural integrity. This is most common with rigid plastics.

The main issue with extreme cold is some plastics will become brittle. As a result, the flexibility can suffer and there is a higher risk of breakage. The two most common materials it happens to are PP and PE.

Stretch film

Film is something we know very well thanks to our dynamic laminating services. It can be a really good choice for some packaging materials. Typically it is best for wrapping pallets of goods.

A positive here is cold won’t have an impact on the film. However, excess heat can cause it to cling tightly to products. That can result in damage.

Humidity is probably the biggest issue. The stretch film can offer some protection but there is also a big risk it can trap the moisture. This could destroy an entire pallet of goods.

Do you need laminating services?

As you’ve seen, high and low temperatures can cause trouble with different types of packaging. Laminate can be a good option to help, particularly with paper and card. You can even add laminates to things like wood, steel, and other materials to protect them.

If you are thinking about laminating services, we would be happy to show what we can do. Our team have a wealth of experience and can achieve fantastic results, so call now.