Foil tape and its uses

Foil tape is one of the most versatile, high tensile tapes you can use. It gets its name from the metal foil backing. Common uses include construction and home projects. There is more potential beyond this though. The tapes can withstand the elements and stick to exteriors for lengthy periods. We want to talk at length about these products and the uses, then if you want expert foiling services we can help.

What is it?

Foiling servicesLet’s begin by giving some more detail about foil tape. Normally, the backing is aluminium, but some tapes can use copper or lead. There are even tape variants that contain glass, steel, or tin plating. The metal present in foil offers more durability when you compare to plastic.

All the metals utilised in these tapes are relatively soft. Because of this, you end up with a highly malleable product. The best ones combine protective and flexible qualities of lead, copper, or aluminium with a first class adhesive. Most foil tapes can withstand temperatures between -40ºF and 350ºF.


Now that you know more about the tape, we can talk about where it’s used. Applications are diverse.


There are many construction projects that can make use of foil tape. It sticks to plastics, mineral thermal wood insulation, and fibreglass. The same also goes for other common construction materials. It produces secure protective seals, even on uneven exteriors. Due to the water resistance, you can safely use it to repair gutters and roofs. It is the same for anything else regularly exposed to rain. If you’re in need of stellar foiling services, give us a call.

Electrical systems

Working with systems like these is risky. Badly installed cables result in fires and shock those who touch them. It is safe for you to coat electric cables with foil tape because of the polymer layer. This makes your tape safe to touch without it affecting the cable’s electronic conduction. Copper foil tape is particularly good at preserving conductivity. Also, the tapes won’t become brittle during extreme colds, nor will they warp in extreme heat. They are flame resistant too, a crucial feature for electrical systems.

HVAC projects

Amateur home repairers as well as professional HVAC installers employ foil tape. You should use it to seal ducts for multiple reasons. Seams act as a weak point for duct systems. Taping them makes it less likely everything will fall apart. Sealing seams stops future deterioration. It also stops leaks in ventilation systems to enhance air quality. It does so by stopping external particles from getting into the system. Even if there is a massive leak in your system that needs professional attention, foil tape will help. Using it as a temporary fix stops things from getting worse. Repairs for the professionals will be easier.


Aluminium foil tape has seen use since World War I for securing packages. It is a durable and professional looking option surpassing clear tape. Sealing with it safeguards goods from heavy precipitation. The same goes for vermin, humidity, and temperature changes. It is perfect for packages shipping over long distances because the foil tape keeps its adhesive seal intact for a long time. This is the case even in extreme weather. For items sensitive to moisture or heat, it is the way to go.


Apart from foil tape’s practical uses, it can come in handy as a crafting material. The shiny colours and smooth texture catch the eyes with ease. You can use lead tape and die-cut it into creative shapes. The tapes work well as an upgrade on masking or painter’s tape in some cases as well. For example, the latter doesn’t go well with substances like metal or fibreglass because it doesn’t give a strong enough seal. With foil tape though, it firmly adheres and provides crisp straight lines.

We aim for top quality results with our foiling services

At Foiling Services, we strive to provide results that exceed even the highest of expectations. We offer freedom in choosing a huge range of colours, patterns, finishes, and more. In fact, customers will probably be surprised by the number of options. Whatever one you go with, we will apply it carefully to a high standard.

So, please let us know if you’re interested in using our foiling services. We’d be happy to work with you.