How many different laminated business cards can I have?

Laminate makes your business cards more durable and vibrant than card alone. This is especially important if you give lots out. You need to get your credentials out there without the risk of damaging the card. There are multiple kinds of lamination you can use here. All these variants provide their own advantages. As a top provider of laminating services, we know all about them.

You may be interested in the differences between gloss, soft touch, and matte laminated business cards. If so, continue reading to discover what they are. Keep in mind that, with the right lamination, your business cards will have more scratch resistance. Also, they will remain safe from fading, discolouration, dirt, and damage. It can ensure they make a much better impression.

Matte laminated cards

This type of laminate means your business cards have the potential to create a lower contrast on dark shades. It provides your design with a slightly softer look. So, it can be the ideal kind of business card finish to protect against scratches and scuffs. You can write on it easily and it doesn’t reflect the light. The finish is excellent for write on appointment reminders and text heavy business cards.

Gloss laminated business cards

Laminating servicesThese come with a protective coating and amplify your design at the same time. The gloss finish has the ability to reflect light to make each colour eye-catching and vivid. A glossy laminate is an excellent choice if you intend to make the colours appear richer and the design more vibrant. Your colours will be deeper with cleaner lines. This makes images show up sharper with an overall vibrant finish. If you wish to use our laminating services, please get in touch.

Gloss laminated business cards are the way to go for exhibitions. The reflection of light grabs everyone’s attention when you stack them on an exhibition table. The laminate also supplies users with great protection against damage and dirt. Thus, there is no need to worry about an individual shoving your card in their bag and ruining it. This option is the best choice for colourful business cards that feature images.

Soft touch laminate cards

Finally, we come to laminates that feel soft like short nape velvet or the skin of a fresh peach. Also, it comes with a smooth matte look along with a pleasant, tactile, and soft sensation. This tends to catch people off guard. The velvet feel does wonders at making a good first impression. Remember, your card is going to be the first physical interaction people have with you, so a unique feel really helps.

Another advantage of soft touch laminate is that it makes the card’s text easy to read. The matte finish doesn’t reflect the light, giving it notable anti-glare features. Moreover, this makes it a viable choice for brochure printing to give the cover a moleskin feel. You could make it match the finish of your business card.

Come to us for top tier laminating services

At Foiling Services, we have worked hard to become a leading authority on lamination. Our people know how to best provide this service. Also, they are aware that it won’t work for every situation. When this happens, they will advise clients on alternatives.

So, if you’d like to use our laminating services, contact us today. It would be our pleasure to help you choose the right laminate for various needs.