Making cosmetics stand out

Almost everyone will have a beauty routine to take care of their hair, skin, and teeth, and then get the look they want with makeup. Cosmetics are a big part of everyday life, so they are a huge business. However, it can get tricky for companies to make their products stand out. Foiling services can be a really great solution for any brand that wants to create stunning packaging for different products.

The thing brands need to keep in mind is the market is incredibly competitive. There are all kinds of options for every type of product, including designer names and well-known manufacturers. Some people choose what to buy purely going off the name and branding. However, the majority will consider the packaging. Generally they will be more likely to choose products that look premium. Foil can be excellent for achieving this.

Caps and cases

Foiling servicesA good application for foil is to add it to makeup caps and cases. It could be a cap for lipstick, nail polish, foundation, or almost any other type of cosmetics. It could even be toothpaste. The impact can be really impressive, making the products stand out on shelves so people are more likely to interact with them.

The applications for cases are even better. You can use foil on large and small ones alike, including makeup palettes, compacts for powder, and more. The foils can be on the inside as well as the outside to make a strong impression.

Light gauge foils tend to be the best option here. You can choose from a range of colours, including gold, silver, and rose gold, as well as other like metallic red. In addition, you can combine the foil with other graphics too. Expert foiling services can cater for all kinds of needs and support creative applications of foil.


Another application for foils in cosmetics is the labels. Standard plastic bottles and cardboard boxes are a common sight in the industry. They are cheap and can be sustainable and eco-friendly if done properly. However, the look may not be what brands have in mind. Luckily, they can choose foil to enhance them. Foil labels are great and you can include various patterns, text, and some graphics too.

Flexible packaging

Some cosmetics and beauty products don’t need traditional packaging like boxes. Instead they are better with flexible packaging like pouches, envelopes and bags. Face masks are an excellent example. You can use foil itself to create many of them. Alternatively, you can add finishing touches to them with foils to ensure they look fantastic.

Do you want foiling services?

As you can see, foil is a great option for different types of cosmetics packaging. It can work to make sure the products stand out in any kind of setting, from a shelf in a salon to a display in a huge shop. It is also surprisingly cost effective and there are foils that are sustainable and recyclable too.

So, if you want to learn more about foiling services, speak to us. We are an expert and know how beneficial foil can be for a huge array of applications.