How to make your packaging genuinely sustainable

Sustainability is something every brand should be considering. It is one of the most vital demands from consumers, especially in the 18-35 demographic. But, how can they make packaging genuinely sustainable? We want to have a closer look at some ideas here. Then, you can come to us for sustainable foils if you want to use them.

Look closely at the impact

Sustainable foilsIt is quite easy for businesses to say their materials are sustainable because they make sure they are recyclable or reusable. However, that doesn’t always mean they are fully sustainable. You have to consider the whole picture, including how materials are produced in the first place.

A good example here is plant based materials. Consumers love the idea of packaging that has a plant base rather than oil because we can always grow more plants whereas oil is finite. However, what is the impact of growing so many plants to make the packaging? Does it require the clearance of more land and potential loss of trees and natural habitats? Does it damage the soil or local waterways?

Recycled material

Easily the most sustainable option is to minimise the use of new materials in packaging. It is always better to start by recycling existing resources. After-all, there is already an abundance of them. If we can get to a point where materials are made of recycled paper for example that can then go for recycling, we have a circular economy where we don’t need to produce as much new paper.

Sustainable foils are a great idea here. A number of manufacturers, including pioneer Kurz, can now make foil that is easy to recycle to create new materials. That is much better than foil that is only good for one use before having to throw it in landfill.

Design for reuse

Another fantastic example is to design for reusability. What if the cardboard box or bag your item comes in isn’t just for holding the product? What if once you take the item out you can easily reuse the packaging for something else?

H&M had an interesting idea with this by creating a paper bag that can become a hanger for clothes. It just takes a little bit of work to fold it up.

Brands have a chance to make a really great impression with creative designs here. They can look beyond packaging simply being something to tear open and throw away.


Using less packaging is an easy win for sustainability too. Ideally businesses should be designing their materials to use as few resources as possible. Do you really need to send products out with lots of packing materials and void filler? Wouldn’t it be better to choose a smaller box that items fit in more securely?

Do you want to use sustainable foils?

Sustainability is something every business should look at, especially if they want to make a really good impression with consumers. How you pack products, and what people can do with the packaging after opening it, can make a real difference. It could make your business truly memorable.

Sustainable foils are a good idea, and you can add them to all manner of packaging. You can learn more about them by contacting us.