The significance of encapsulated films

With enhancing and protecting print goods, encapsulation lamination films stand tall. They have become integral tools because they offer another layer of visual appeal, durability, and protection. They do so to a considerable amount of artworks, graphics, and documents. What we want to do is examine the world of encapsulation laminate films. We will look at things like the benefits and applications. Then, if you need laminating services, you can discuss it with us.

What are encapsulation films?

These are protective films comprised of PET Polyester. They are made to defend and encase print materials. We’re on about things like documents, menus, charts, maps, and posters. During the process, you seal the media between two layers of film. What you get is a durable, rigid, and clear finish. It is one that amplifies the longevity and appearance.


Laminating servicesAs we said, the main purpose of these films is to safeguard print media against external elements. These are things like UV radiation, fingerprints, dust, and moisture. Materials like paper and card are vulnerable to them all. The film extends the life of the items massively, so it is a great investment.

A similar benefit is the durability. Encapsulation adds a layer of sturdiness to items. They become resistant to general wear and tear, bending, and tearing. This is particularly useful for documents people must handle regularly.

Easy cleaning is another advantage. The smooth exterior of these films is one that is easy to wipe clean. Your print materials will stay legible and pristine over time.

Then there is customisation. These films exist in many finishes. Among them are soft touch, matte, and gloss. This permits customisation based on the desired feel and look of the encapsulated object. Let us know if you need top tier laminating services.


For applications, one use of these films is with business presentation materials. Important charts, graphs, and documents are ones you can encapsulate. Doing so will lead to a professional appearance. It will be one capable of capturing the audience’s attention. You will also save money because your materials will be reusable.

Another is art and photography. Posters, art prints, and photographs can be encapsulated. Doing it will protect them against fingerprints, moisture, and fading. This is while their aesthetic appeal gets maintained.

For outdoor signage, banners and signs are ones you can encapsulate. As a result, you can protect them against the elements, and preserve their legibility and visibility.

Considerations for use

We’ll finish by going over some considerations for using these films. For film thickness, separate applications need differing thicknesses. Thicker films can often be the best choice because they offer more protection and durability. With thinner films, they are more about maintaining flexibility.

The use of these films is also important. Think about the environment where you will display your encapsulated goods. You may need a thicker film to get more protection in hot, humid settings.

Choosing between a matte and gloss finish is also crucial. Select it based on the appearance you want. Matte ones lower glare and are appropriate for items people will view under direct light. Glossy finishes come with vibrant shades and a polished look.

Encapsulation lamination films will offer you a versatile and reliable solution. This is for preserving, enhancing, and protecting all kinds of print items. Not only do the films provide superior rigidity, they contribute to a greener world. They can save resources by making items last longer. Plus, some films are entirely recyclable.

We know what to do to deliver magnificent laminating services

At Foiling Services, we’ve worked hard to become a leading authority on lamination. Because of the delicate nature of applying film, it is one that requires care and precision. As such, it is important for us to understand the features of what it is we laminate. It means we can deliver the best results.

So, if you’d like to get laminating services from us, feel free to get in touch. We can do a lot with laminate, including applying it to different types of sheet materials.