The diverse landscape of foil packaging

When you think of packaging materials you probably instantly consider cardboard and plastic. They are the two most common options for a massive array of goods. However, there are also plenty of uses for aluminium foil. We want to have a closer look at how diverse the landscape is here. Then, if you want to use sustainable foils, you can speak to us.


Sustainable foilsAluminium foils have some crucial characteristics that make them really great for packaging. For one thing, the foil can be incredibly malleable. So, you can mould, fold, and roll it to suit all kinds of needs. You can make unique packaging to suit different goods, including those with tricky shapes.

Another crucial advantage is the reflectance. Even a thin layer of aluminium can reflect back various types of radiation. This can be especially good for packaging for any products that are sensitive to light and UV.

On top of this, aluminium foil can create a really great vapour barrier. This can stop everything from oxygen to moisture. Again, if the product is sensitive, it is a good idea to look at foil.


When we say the landscape for sustainable foils is diverse, we really mean it. For starters, there are plenty of applications for food and beverages. It can keep different foods and drinks safe, protecting from spoilage. However, you need to be careful with salty and acidic products. They can break down the aluminium.

Many different industrial products can be packaged using aluminium foil. It offers the advantages of shielding a product from moisture, pollutants, and even odours. In addition, the right designs can protect against tearing, puncturing, and more. Common goods you can see with foil packaging include insulation and pipes. Niche and specialist products like aerospace parts can also come wrapped in foil.

Pharmaceuticals are another major area for foil packaging. Just look at the blister packs that common medications come in. They are foils to ensure moisture, oxygen, light, and other elements won’t harm the medicine.

There are also lots of applications for foil in beauty and cosmetics. Similar to medication, it is important to protect things like makeup and creams from moisture and other contaminants.

Ask us about sustainable foils

As you can see, there are plenty of uses for foil. You can use it to protect a massive array of different products. It can keep them safe during transport, storage, and even when they are in the hands of the end user. If you choose the right foils too, you can pack items with minimal impact on the environment.

So, get in touch with us and learn more about sustainable foils. We’ll be happy to offer product specs and more details.