Consider using foil packs over cartridges

When you use one-component sealant or adhesive, you must choose packaging for it. The choices presented to you will be cartridges or foil packs. What we’re going to do here is discuss both types. We will talk about the advantages and disadvantages, as well as whether you should use one or the other. Then, if you need any help with foiling services, you can rely on us.


Foiling servicesLet’s begin by looking at the cartridge. What we have here is a plastic cylinder that holds the sealant or adhesive. It will come with a plastic bung in the bottom keeping the sealant or adhesive in place. What’s more, there is a plastic cap on top that you must cut off prior to using it. Then, a nozzle will screw onto the thread and you are ready to go.

There are some drawbacks to using the cartridge though. For one thing, there is more waste. Additionally, it is harder to get each bit of product from it. Let’s say you were applying adhesive to 400m² of substrates. You’d get through ten 290ML cartridges. If you used 600ML foil packs, you’d only go through four. So, there is more waste. Furthermore, cartridges are entirely plastic. Governments across the globe are clamping down on plastic usage. Due to taxes, the cartridges are becoming more costly.

Another con is that there is less sealant/adhesive. Unless you grab a bespoke size smaller than or similar to 290ML, you must replace cartridges more frequently. A 290ML of sealant or adhesive is under half of 600ML. Thus, you must replace cartridges more than 2x as regularly.

Lastly, the bung malfunctions with ease. If someone applies too much pressure to the cartridge, the adhesive is going to squeeze out behind the bung. The result will be a big mess.

Foil packs

The foil packaging system is an interesting use of foiling services. The packaging is not unlike a sausage. They come with a composite foil skin that surrounds the sealant or adhesive. Then, the skin gets sealed off at both ends. For you to get the product out, you simply need to remove the seal on one end and put it in the applicator. There isn’t a thread to screw a nozzle on. Rather, the nozzle comes with the applicator.

An advantage to this solution is that there is a smaller environmental impact. The foil packs are under 20% plastic and less than 10% the size of cartridges. As such, there isn’t as much waste and it is better for the environment.

Another benefit is the improvement in shelf life. You can expect the foil packs you use to last longer than cartridges.

There is also an increase in efficiency. When it comes to how much sealant or adhesive you can get from a pack, 600ML packs have the advantage. So, you won’t have to stop and replace the foil pack as regularly as you would with cartridges.

Finally, foil packs are easier to discharge. There isn’t a bung failure you’ll need to concern yourself with. When applying adhesives with them, there is little to worry about.

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