Why use PVC film for industrial applications?

If you look at the usage statistics for different types of plastics, PVC is one of the most popular in the world. Typically it only follows PET and PP in terms of volume. PVC’s popularity comes from the fact it is useful for so many different industrial applications. This is true whether you choose sheets or film. We want to take a close look at the latter today because it can be a reliable choice for different laminating services.


Laminating servicesA massive advantage is PVC is an extremely tough material. It has really good wear resistance and can also withstand impacts and shock. Plus, it has great resistance to environmental factors, chemicals, and abrasion. Even a thin film can last a long time because it is so durable.


There has been a huge amount of research into how safe PVC is. That is why producers have confidence using it for everything from food packaging to IV and blood bags. It is non-reactive and stable.


One of the most popular reasons people choose laminating services is they need to make products waterproof. PVC film is excellent in this regard. You can use it to protect a massive array of materials, including fabric, timber, and more. Liquid will not be able to penetrate the film, protecting the substrate.

Fire safety

PVC is also excellent when you need to take precautions against fire. It is highly resistant and takes a long time to ignite. If it does burn, it only releases a very small amount of heat. It is also self-extinguishing.

The only thing to keep in mind here is that, if PVC melts or burns, it releases harmful chemicals. You must plan for this. If there is a high risk of the material coming into contact with open flames, it may be wise to choose an alternative.


PVC has another advantage as it does not conduct electricity. As a result, it can work very well as an insulator. There are uses for all kinds of mechanical and electrical needs.

Do you want to use the best laminating services?

Our goal is to give clients the best solutions for their lamination. Our services are dynamic because we can apply PVC film to a wide array of different materials. We do it with skill and precision, ensuring there are no flaws like bubbles or creases. We also provide a choice of films to cater for different needs.

So, if you need laminating services for industrial applications, speak to us. We’ll discuss your needs and suggest the best film and application method to get the results you want.