The possibilities with foil stickers

Foiling servicesThe foiling services we provide are both fashionable and functional. Of course, they make your items look amazing. At the same time, the foils make it far easier for them to stand out. If you are attempting to sell something, this will be most beneficial to you. Should you choose to trust us, we can help you make the most of your materials.

Most people love stickers. They are useful and can stick almost anywhere. What’s more, you can argue that they are more versatile than other forms of paper. Stickers can hang around for years. They are one of the true heroes of the printing world. In fact, they are capable of even bigger and better things too. This is where foil stickers come into play.

It only takes one look

There are normal stickers and then there are these special designs. Initially, you may not see much of a difference. However, one look is all it really takes to notice them thanks to the metallic foil. Standard stickers are wonderful for bringing in your own personal style and getting your brand into the world. Yet, metallic foils do a better job of catching someone’s eyes. So, if you require first rate foiling services, make sure you contact us.


Next, we will talk more about what people use these stickers for. Think about a cardboard box or poster tube. Now, imagine both with your logo on them, printed in beautiful silver and gold foil. What you have done is alter the context of the cardboard. It might look as confident as the official merchandise you find with Starbucks or something similar. With this kind of look your logo is going to speak for itself on every exterior. Foil stickers are the ideal way to obtain such a look. They are perfect for gift boxes, bottles, and jars.

Foil stickers also provide you with a custom style for your tech. They make for incredibly prominent additions to custom PC builds and sophisticated laptops. They are useful for anyone who is a tech supplier or a top notch gamer. Alternatively, you might just be after something to cover up the manufacturer’s logo.

We’re a flexible company offering reliable foiling services

At Foiling Services, we use our skills together with the best technology to produce first class results. This allows us to be more flexible with our work. In other words, we are not limited to the regular shades of gold and silver. We have access to the broadest range of foils, including a huge choice of colours.

If you would like to take advantage of our foiling services, feel free to get in touch with us. We can even help you to choose a suitable foil and design.