Fixing a wrinkled lamination

Whenever you opt to laminate something you will want it to look great. This is the case even if you are doing it purely for protection rather than aesthetics. The last thing you want is a wrinkle or crease to ruin your item. Sadly issues can happen. As one of the top names for laminating services in the UK, we want to look at how you can fix the issue.

Check the laminator

Laminating servicesSurprisingly most issues with wrinkling start with the laminator itself. The machine may not have sufficient supply roll tension to hold the laminate flat. When this happens it can ripple and cause wrinkles.

What you need to do here is check the tension for each specific film you use. If you just use the same setting and don’t think about the differences in films, you can have all kinds of problems. There is a simple rule of thumb to remember here; it is that you don’t need as much tension with thinner films. However, with thicker ones you need to increase it to account for the thickness.

Material dampness

While the tension is the main cause of the issue, it is not the only one. Another thing to consider is whether the substrate itself is damp. This can happen if there is fresh ink or with certain types of paper and card that have higher moisture content as standard. What can happen here is the moisture can evaporate in the laminating heat, causing wrinkles in the laminate.

What you need to do here is think about the moisture in the substrate. It may be a case that you need wait a little longer before you laminate so it can dry out. Or, you may need to increase the laminating temperature.

Talk to us about laminating services

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