The facts on foil wedding invitations

When your wedding day arrives, you will probably want a bit of sparkle. You can get an early start here by establishing the tone with your invitations. An outstanding way of introducing embellishments to the invites is with foil elements. You can also do this with one eye on the environment by choosing recyclable foils.

For those that don’t know, these foils are thin metallic sheets available in a myriad of colours. Examples include copper, silver, gold, and even holographic. As a result, you can be creative with your design. Whether you’re after a classic or modern look, you can introduce a metallic style into invitations.

Foil won’t necessarily be the sole material you use here. It merely adds something else to the invites. They end up looking timeless and classic. It is luxurious and makes a huge impact. Let’s look deeper into the relationship between foil and wedding invitations.

A versatile option

Recyclable foilsThe thing about foil is that it is one of the most versatile options around. We mean this not only in the number of colours available, but also in how you are able to incorporate it into invites.

The most common approach is foil printing the text. You can print all of it or some of the most important parts like names.

For thick card stock, you can go for foil edged. Edging is a particular favourite of many. What it does is produce a lovely stacked look. Other options include foiling on the envelope, a metallic card to put behind a translucent invite, and beveling.

Mixing styles is another possibility. You could combine foil letterpress print with a secondary style. This could be a blind letterpress or emboss, or watercolour digital printing.

With invitations, you can flat print, letterpress print, emboss them, and more. Since foil is opaque, it functions with any paper colour. This is even the case with darker shades like forest green, navy, and black.

Something else to keep in mind is that once you use foils with your invites, you can tie it in throughout your reception stationary too. Examples include itineraries, custom maps, signage, menus, and programs.

Foil can be two things at one

Foil invitations can work with every style. The fact is that it can be both an of-the-moment and classic option at the same time. Trends currently favour holographic, black on black, and rose gold. Overall, metallics have been in fashion for some time.

There are a lot of ways to making foiling softer or modern depending on the printing style and invite. You could use holographic foil on a raw edge, natural invite to merge contemporary and vintage touches. It is a good way to introduce a modern feel but keep things soft.

If you want a more classic look, you’d be best off going for gold. For fresh takes, employ a monochromatic black on black or colour. Holographic or rose gold are also ultra-modern as well.

Recyclable foils are the perfect choice

At Foiling Services, we can provide help for decorative reasons and protective ones. We can even choose materials to do both if necessary. That gives clients the broadest selection of options, and we also ensure you never have less than stellar results.

We always suggest that you consider the environmental impact of any kind of printing, including lamination or foiling. Recyclable foils are a wonderful choice if you want greener solutions. They provide benefits with no drawbacks.

So, if you are thinking about using foil, please let us know; we’d love to work with you.