The causes of bubbles in lamination

These days, most people know about the benefits of laminating. Because of this, many of them are seeking out lamination services like ours. We go to great lengths to ensure that our customers are happy with the work we do as well. This includes making sure that we don’t damage their goods in any way.

There aren’t many laminator issues that look worse than bubbles beneath the film. They are the result of various problems. For example, there might be inadequate tension on your supply roll. Alternatively, you may have fed the print’s leading edge in too rapidly. We go into more detail about the circumstances that cause the bubbling below.


If you don’t have enough tension it will cause bubbles. This is because your film was not taut when it entered the nib. It is possible to fix this problem. To do so, you should alter the feed spool’s tension to the correct specifications. Do so for the variety of film you are using. Thinner film does not need to be as tense for example. If there isn’t enough supply roll tension, there shall be bubbles and wrinkles in your film.


lamination servicesSilvering is another complication with lamination. This is the capture of tiny bubbles of air. It looks similar to a reflective or hazy area in the lamination. It is possible for it to go unseen over an image’s light sections. However, it is more obvious in dark parts. The issue is normally the result of an operating temperature that is too low. You may see it if you don’t give your mechanism enough time to heat up.

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