Start using wide format lamination

Let’s say you currently own a big format printer but lack laminate at the moment. If you are in this situation, you will want to consider wide format lamination. There is a chance you might not have heard of it before. You don’t need to worry, because in this post we will be going over the reasons why you should use it. Then you can come to us if you want reliable laminating services.

Enhancing appearances

Laminating servicesThe first reason is that you will be able to enhance the appearance of your items. Introducing wide format lamination does a great job in bringing the colour out of your images. Not to mention, it provides an edge of professionalism and quality that you cannot replicate in any other manner.


If you haven’t used laminate before, you need to know that it is a thin film of clear plastic. The material in question could be polyester or PVC. You apply it to the print either by heat or cold pressure sensitive adhesive. The films have a far greater level of tear resistance than paper. What this means is that your documents will be more durable. The chances of them ripping or tearing will be considerably lower. That is essential if you have paper-based prints that must last.

Scratch resistance

Introducing lamination film supplies protection to your print against possible scratches. The prints can suffer from these because of any sort of abrasion from chemicals, fingernails, and the like. Even latex and solvent inks can be in danger of wear if you leave them with no protection. So, laminating services are a good investment.

Water resistance

This is another reason to use wide format lamination. Anyone familiar with laminate should know that it enhances resistance to water. It is the same for any similar liquids that the print may encounter. As a result, it can last longer even if there are spills or other issues.

UV protection

One other principal area of concern is the damage that direct sunlight can cause. Every print will fade if they spend enough time outdoors. By introducing the protective layer of the laminate film though, it is possible to prolong their life. This is particularly true for aqueous inks.

Want to use it?

In summary, by adding lamination to your prints, your products will become more durable and stronger. Not only that, you’ll produce a far more professional print that is not going to fade in direct sunlight. It will be water and scratch resistant too. If your print will be exposed to dirt or debris, walked on, or will spend a lot of time outdoors, you should laminate it.

Work with our intelligent team for laminating services

Our team has become an authority on lamination in various areas. We can provide solutions to suit all kinds of needs. However, there is a particular cause for concern with the process of laminating objects. The fact is that it is easy to get wrong. There is no real margin of error with many products. Even if it is possible to print a new one, it results in extra costs for materials and ink. So, it is better to get things right.

At Foiling Services, we use our experience and knowledge to provide excellent results. The lamination will be accurate and we will only proceed when we know all about the item’s quality.

So, please let us know if you would like to use our laminating services at any time. We have access to the world’s best films and can use different techniques to apply them.