The most sustainable option for car trim

The trim is one of the most important parts of a vehicle. While it generally doesn’t have an impact on the driving, it affects the experience in a number of ways. It is also something people put a lot of value in, hence why manufacturers tend to offer lots of options. One of the most interesting materials here is recyclable foil. It can have all the aesthetics of metal but with a lower cost and minuscule weight.

Why is trim so important?

As we said above, it has an impact on the experience. Vehicles would be far less comfortable to drive and ride in if there was no trim.

One of the main things it does is keep the heat in. Things like the roof lining, door interior trim, and floor all contribute to this. Without them heat would escape quickly through the bare metals. It would make it uncomfortable for the driver and any passengers. In turn that would put more pressure on the heating system, boosting fuel consumption.

Types of trim

Recyclable foilsYou can find different interior trim materials in various vehicles. Luxury cars often feature things like leather and wood to add a touch of class. Others have vinyl, suede, and various fabrics.

Often you will see metal details in a number of places, including on the dash and door panels. People really love them, especially the look of shiny silver and chrome. Recyclable foil is a fantastic option. It can achieve the same look as real metal without drawbacks such as the cost, manufacturing time, and weight.

One of the best things about the foil is it means the trim will still be recyclable if it is applied to a material you can recycle. Often people worry about decorative finishing and whether it will mean resources have to go to landfill at the end of their life. There is no concern with that here. The foil is so thin it has very little impact. So, any parts with it can go through processing to create new products.

KURZ is the market leader here and produces some of the finest foils. They are excellent for vehicle trim and research proves they are recyclable. Plus, there is also a way to recycle the PET films to reduce the waste even further. When it comes to green decorative options, the foil is hard to beat.

Talk to us about recyclable foils

At Foiling Services, we take a big interest in all the uses for foils. This includes things like decorative trim for cars as well as traditional items like packaging and print. With the right materials, the results can be stunning with any project. We work to achieve this by using the very best foils on the market.

So, if you want to try recyclable foils for your next project, feel free to get in touch with us. We can suggest materials for you and even provide design advice.