Creating and using foil designs

You can accomplish an incredible amount with foiling services, especially when you work with experts. We offer easily accessible and affordable ways to add decorative foil to various materials. Whether you require our aid for marketing materials, vehicle trim, or even architectural features, we have solutions that can help.

These days, utilising metallic foils in designs goes beyond being just a trend. The sheer shimmer is a beneficial supplement exuding pure sophistication. The question however is “Why?” Humans are emotionally and physically drawn to everything that is shiny. This is something that is in our very nature. In truth, the idea of a metallic design element goes all the way back to the 5th century. Here, hardbound book casings made use of gold leafs for an alluring appearance.

Past techniques

Foiling servicesIn the past, we did original foil design applications by hand employing real gold. What it did was make the procedure both costly and lengthy. These days, we apply foil by using machines. Furthermore, we use tin or aluminium bases for superior affordability. Thankfully, anyone is able to make the choice to apply foil to whatever they want without breaking the bank.

You might be an individual that is interested in the potential of foil applications for a future project. If you are, please read on. We’ll be looking more closely at how we can use foils in designs.


Metallic foil is an influential means of attracting eyes to an object or piece of print media. With some degree of thought, it is possible to make your designs stand out. This is the case for all kinds of items.

Utilising foil as a topology design element is smart. You just need to remember that it comes with limits. Typescripts normally manifest bigger. So, it means you need to select a suitable style and font that matches both your material and aesthetic. Any words you render in foil need to be the biggest on your paper. It must be relatively easy to use as well.

As a design consideration, concentrate on the layout in addition to spacing out the type for readability. By having a level of attention to detail in your foil design, you can produce a cohesive, cleaner copy. Contact us if you need the UK’s top foiling services.

Simplicity is key

When you’re thinking about how to use foils with graphics and designs, keep it simple. For one, keep your primary colours to a total of two or three within your design schemes. Your distinct metallic finishes will supply a print quality that is more alluring here. Except, there isn’t going to be any excessive melodrama or emphasis, such as a sleek gold foil business card design.

Saying this, foil designs do an excellent job at collaborating with other printing operations. Examples include letterpress and embossing. You should use your creativity to produce coordinating complements and contrast.

Choose us for the best foiling services

To enhance your creative design endeavours, you should work with foiling experts who know what they are doing. As the most trusted name for this kind of work in the UK, you can confidently partner up with us. We do all we can to exceed the highest possible expectations.

It is possible that you already have an excellent design in mind. Alternatively, you might wish to use our knowledge to produce a foiling style. Whatever the case, we can aid you.

At Foiling Services, we perform our work for both protective and decorative purposes. By using advanced technology, we can also work beyond the standard shades of gold and silver. Our people have what it takes to meet the challenges with patterns and shapes too. It gives you even more options for foil.

So, if our foiling services interest you and you’d like to use them, please get in touch. We are happy to advise about various uses of foil.