What kinds of laminated print are there?

Whether you are aware of it or not, you probably deal with laminated items daily. Using laminating services, it is possible to safeguard all sorts of products. This includes everything from aircraft safety cards and hazard signs to restaurant menus. Laminating crucial documents and objects is going to save you money. Not only that, but you can augment the impact and quality of your materials.

By understanding the five kinds of print you can laminate, you will be able to recognise the ones you should be laminating. What this will do is stop regular wear and tear from harming the print. So, read on to discover everything you have to know about protecting your items using lamination.

Information documents

Laminating servicesLamination’s most common use is defending informational documents that get heavy use. Examples include business cards, brochures, and restaurant menus. Without laminate, such objects will struggle to handle normal usage. They could be at risk of tears and soiling, as well as other issues.

Let’s look at menus as an example. Think about a child in a restaurant who is waving menus around and spilling drinks. Not many types of paper can take a beating like that. Thankfully, due to professional lamination, the menus can withstand this kind of treatment. If you need the UK’s finest laminating services, please talk to us.

Outdoor and weatherproof applications

Documents that are for use outdoors 24/7 don’t often have much chance of surviving the elements for long. However, you can use heavy-duty lamination to give them a better chance. Things like camp site guides and petrol pump adverts are good examples. It is the same for outdoor posters.

Creating materials for external settings can be very expensive. You won’t get a good ROI if they wear away quickly. But, laminate means you will be able to enjoy custom items for longer. The materials will be capable of enduring the elements so they will be a much better investment.

Safety sign lamination

You can’t understate how significant laminating services are for emergency and safety guides. Many of these are documents we rely on in circumstances where lives are at risk. As a result, having these materials corrupted or destroyed by water or other elements can endanger people.

There are lots of items you need to ensure will remain legible at all times. They include emergency evacuation signs, fire alarm signs, and aircraft safety cards. For example, hikers hurt in a storm might require a medical guide. If they suffer any damage due to lack of lamination, someone could lose their life.

Instructional items

Countless working environments are inherently filthy. It could be anything from oil and fluids in a busy garage to grease or food waste in a commercial kitchen. Many of these workplaces also rely on paper materials for various instructions. They can include guides, charts, and more. In these scenarios, a cost efficient strategy would be laminating the vital documents that workers need.

Navigational items

Encapsulation is able to protect print materials and makes it simpler for users to navigate details. For example oversize reference materials, manuals, and folder tab dividers can have a lot of detail. But, wear and tear from regular use can make them illegible. Laminate is the best solution and can preserve crisp details.

You can count on us for exceptional laminating services

At Foiling Services, we understand that the items we laminate have different goals. However, they all need to look great and must be legible. The vital thing here is to choose the right laminate and apply it properly. It will ensure our clients get the best results.

So, if you need any help or advice about laminating services, please come to us. We are always happy to assist, ensuring you get the best solution for your particular materials.