Should I laminate my canvas print?

The lamination process is one that you can now see almost everywhere, from packaging to household items. To get top results though, you need the best laminating services. We have many years of experience and access to a huge array of equipment and films. So, we are the team you can rely on for almost any project.

One thing you may be thinking about is laminating canvas prints. Many individuals aren’t aware of the reason why people laminate them at all. In truth, laminate is the most efficient way of safeguarding canvases from rough use or a harsh setting. A UV resistant coating can make sure a custom canvas print can last for many years. It can protect the paint or ink so your art will last.

Excellent protection

Laminating servicesLamination on these prints protects them in a myriad of ways. For one thing, it will prevent scratches. Such an issue has a high chance of happening during transportation. It can also occur when you get home and handle them while putting the art up.

The laminate will also provide protection against water. You don’t want to get an ordinary canvas wet because it could cause extensive damage. With a film cover, you don’t need to worry about spills, condensation, and more.

Humidity is another reason why lamination is great for the prints. Warm, moist air shrinks the canvas fabric and discolours the print. A protective coating will stop this.

In addition, the laminate makes maintaining and cleaning simple as well. Simply wipe a cloth over it to remove fingerprints and dust. This is much better than trying to get dirt off a fabric canvas. Please let us know if you require the finest laminating services in the UK.

Enhancing colours and contrasts

An excellent quality lamination on your canvas print shall do more than protect the colours too. It will enhance them and the contrast of the image. An appropriate laminate cover is basically invisible too. It does not draw attention to itself. Instead, it allows others to focus on the art. The laminate brings the colour, depth and vibrancy out.

Laminating services that respect your items

We have become one of the UK’s leading authorities in regards to lamination. Due to how delicate the process is, we know that it is far easier to get things wrong than right. Therefore, we are always extremely careful on every single project. We understand lamination and respect the items we are working with.

If we can be of assistance to you, feel free to contact us to talk about laminating services. We can add laminates to a huge array of products, so ask us about any kind of idea you may have.