How do I make the copper foil stick?

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One topic we would like to talk about in this post is copper foil not sticking to stained glass. It is an issue that pops up in many instances. Thankfully, there are many ideas out there you can use to tackle the problem. If at some stage you find your copper foil isn’t sticking to the glass, you may find the following info to be useful.

Is the glass warm enough?

The first point we want to make is that foil sticks better when the glass is warm. You are free to heat it on a light box. Other suggestions include heating pads, plate warmers, hair dryers, and lamps. It is preferable to work in a warm room and you need to ensure the glass remains at a good temperature.


Another thing that will help is keeping the glass clean and dry. Warm up some soapy water and wipe down the edges using the finest rubbing alcohol you can find. This shall remove all of those unseen oils on the glass that can come off someone’s hands. Additionally, it removes moisture. Humidity has the ability to influence foil stickiness, so you need to think about that.

Plus, you should ensure that you wash and dry your hands. It is surprising how much oil and dirt ends up on them. You don’t want this to accidentally mean the foil won’t stick or cause a flaw in the finish.

Age and storage

The foil’s age and how you store it is important too. For example, your foil could be very old and you might have exposed it to air. Here, it shall lose a bit of its adhesive quality because of oxidation. If you have been keeping it in an airtight box, you should not have any problems.

For those who suspect their foil has oxidised and is old, you could attempt to rub it lightly with steel wool. This shall burnish and remove oxidation.


Finally, there could be too much flux present. It is able to get under your foil and can lead to sticking trouble. You should always try to be sparing with it. Cut your flux brush off to prevent it from holding too much or use a cotton bud instead.

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