Is that foil I see on artificial satellites?

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If you have ever had a look at artificial satellites and rockets, you have likely seen that several of the former have certain coverings. These appear to be silver or gold foil. In reality, it is not only satellites. It is possible to see them in the majority of space-related gear. Are you aware of what it actually is? If not, there is no need to worry. We are going to explain things here.

The underlying issue

Foiling servicesBefore we do this though, it is better for us to discuss the underlying problem at play here. Firstly, we must ask whether space is cold or hot. Some will tell you this is a trick question. Space isn’t a thing in itself. Thus, it lacks its own temperature. As for the things that inhabit it, like satellites, asteroids, stars, and planets, they come with their own temperatures. In a nutshell, it may be fair to claim that space is cold. Therefore, does this mean artificial satellites don’t need to concern themselves with overheating? No, it actually doesn’t.

In reality, these satellites have special gear that aids them in maintaining optimal temperature levels. They make sure places like the International Space Station don’t become too hot or cold. One of the inventions that assist with it is the MLI. This is the silver/gold plating that is draped over space equipment and satellites. It is not something you can get with typical foiling services though.

Multi-layer insulation

MLI, or multi-layer insulation, is a kind of high-performance insulator. It makes use of several radiation-heat transfer barriers to limit the flow of heat energy. To put it simply, it is a sort of thermal insulation that has numerous layers of thin sheets. They cover space equipment and spacecraft to minimise heat via thermal radiation.

As for whether those are real silver/gold foils you see on the equipment, they are not. In reality, they are one layer of aluminised polyimide that has the silver aluminium facing in. The gold-yellowish hue belonging to the polyimide on the exterior is what makes it seem like the satellites are all wrapped in gold film.

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