Rookie laminating mistakes you can’t make

Foiling Services is the ideal partner for all kinds of projects. We can add foil or laminate to an array of products, offering results to suit any need. For example, we can offer laminating services to protect everything from timber to card sheet materials. Or, we can provide decorative foils or laminates. We are confident you won’t find more reliable services than ours.

The thing to keep in mind with lamination is that there can be all kinds of obstacles to tackle. For example there can be issues with the laminating equipment, the films, preparation, finishing, and more. If you want to be successful, you need to avoid lots of rookie mistakes. They can ruin a whole project very quickly.

Unsuitable technology

Using unsuitable heating technology is one of these mistakes. There can be some major issues here. For example, one product may use an infrared heater whereas another may have convection technology. Here there will be differences in how uniform the heat is and the level of heat control. As a result you need to think about the demands of your project to make sure the equipment is suitable. Plus you need to consider the capacity and cost.

Don’t jump to conclusions

Laminating servicesJumping to conclusions is another mistake you need to avoid here. One thing to keep in mind is the fact there are countless reasons for quality concerns in your laminate. Furthermore, one problem could occur due to several issues.

This leads you to a point where it is very easy to make rash conclusions when facing quality problems. Some of these concerns could be simple to fix. However, at times, the wrong choices can exacerbate the issue. This is particularly true when you have problems you are unable to rectify.

The best thing you can do here is observe the lamination. Stop for a while and check the procedure from start to finish. Define what would appear to be the most likely cause for the problem. Whilst performing corrections, change one thing at a time. If this does not work, go back and define the next action.

We do the best we can with laminating services

At Foiling Services, we commit to doing the best possible work we can. During the last decade, people have come to consider us a leading figure in the world of lamination. We understand that this is a process that is far easier to get wrong than it is to handle properly. Therefore, we are extremely cautious when we take on a project. This approach helps us to offer outstanding results.

So, if we can help you with laminating services in some capacity, please give us a call. You can rely on us to offer expert advice, cost effective solutions, and more.