Remember your sustainable goals when designing promotional products

There are lots of different tools you can use to help your business to grow. Promotional products have a great place here, especially if you choose recyclable foils to add personal touches. They can make your brand memorable, particularly if you provide things people can get good use out of.

Recyclable foilsHowever, you need to think about how these promo products align with your sustainable goals. The last thing you want is to be sending a massive number of items to landfill. It can harm your reputation instead of improving it.

The focus should be sustainability. There are a number of crucial things to look at. For example, are you using materials that are recyclable? Have you thought about how you can reduce the number of resources and amount of energy it takes to create the products? Let’s look at some of the ways you can be more sustainable with promo products.


A big thing to do is to choose reusable promo products instead of single use items. This is far more sustainable and is also really beneficial for brand recognition.


Next you should choose materials that are easy to recycle. This means that the end user can simply put them in the recycling when they are finished. The resources can then have new use rather than going to landfill. Look at recyclable foils for decorative touches; they ensure people can still recycle products.


A lot of businesses fall into the trap of ordering a massive batch of promotional materials because the order size reduces the unit cost. While this can be good from a budget sense, it opens the door for high wastage. You don’t want to buy a huge amount of products if you are just going to throw them away. Try to carefully judge the exact quantity you will need for your promotion.


It is also a good idea to think about the designs and try to make them timeless. It’ll always be tempting to choose something trendy and current. But, that might only give your promo items a short shelf life. Instead, think about products that last.

Be selective

Some businesses will send promotional materials to everyone on their mailing list. However, this can be ineffective and wasteful. It is better to carefully select who you think will be most likely to engage with the promo products. This way you are less likely to send them to people who will simply throw them away.

Speak to us about recyclable foils

If you want to align sustainable goals with promotional materials, it is a great idea to look at foil stamping. This is a wonderful way to add memorable touches to different products. It can do it with a much smaller impact than other decorative methods.

At Foiling Services we have access to a massive range of foil. It includes some of the best materials in the world from producers like KURZ. The recyclable foils are a fantastic choice for all kinds of needs.

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