Revealing the differences between gold foiling and gold printing

Within the packaging industry, aesthetics play an essential part in attracting customers. They produce a memorable impression. Gold embellishments have luxurious appeal and timeless elegance. As a result, people have understandably gone after them for a long time. For those that are curious though, you need to know there are individual techniques used for achieving the accents, including foiling services. Two popular ones include gold foiling and gold printing.

What we are going to do here is examine the differences between these two. We’ll go over things like applications, processes, and outcomes. By understanding all the distinctions, you can make the right choice when using gold embellishments in your packaging.

Gold foiling

Foiling servicesOther names for this include foil and hot stamping. It is a popular practice that introduces a metallic gold finish to packaging materials. Also, it can go on wood, ceramic, glass, paper, and more.

The procedure consists of utilising a metal die, usually made of brass, to stamp a thin metallic foil layer onto the exterior of your packaging. You put the foil over the desired area. Afterwards, you apply heat and pressure with a hot stamping mechanism. The foil will adhere to the substrate. The foil generates a shimmering radiant effect that catches the eye.

The procedure and foiling services in general offer multiple advantages. For one thing, it offers a reflective and lustrous reflective exterior. It creates a premium feel and look.

Next, it provides considerable longevity and durability. Gold accents will withstand transportation and handling.

Moreover, gold foiling allows for intricate detailing. So, it is a wonderful choice for any designs needing small text, intricate patterns, or fine lines.

Gold printing

Other names for this process include metallic or gold ink printing. As opposed to foiling, which depends on a foil, printing uses a specially formulated ink that contains metal particles. It will produce a nice sheen when you apply it.

Gold printing comes with its own benefits. For one thing, it is a cost efficient strategy if you are dealing with smaller production runs. It is a simple and quick process too.

There is a decent amount of flexibility on offer here as well. You can easily integrate it with techniques like digital or offset printing. Saying this, the metallic effect might not be as reflective as what you get with foiling.

Factors to consider

Right now, you are probably wondering how to select the right process for your brand. What you need to do is consider a myriad of factors. They will help you to decide whether to choose foiling services or printing.

Firstly, there is budget. Gold printing is typically more cost efficient for smaller quantities. As for foiling, it is far better for bigger production runs. Depending on what budget you are working with, you can make a more strategic decision.

Another factor is design complexity. If your design demands intricate details, small text, or fine lines, gold foiling will serve you well. It has the ability to capture finer details.

Then there is reflectivity and opacity. Foiling provides a very opaque and reflective surface. Gold printing on the other hand comes with a more subtle metallic effect.

The last factor is integration with other techniques. You may intend to incorporate other techniques in your packaging items. If so, gold printing is more accommodating.

Work with us when you need foiling services

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