The reasons why you need to laminate canvas prints

Many people are asking why they should laminate canvas prints. Some don’t know of the process or why it is even necessary. When you design a piece of artwork or purchase a canvas print, you’ll need to make the extra effort to defend it in the long run. Lamination is a great solution and there are many benefits. We are going to discuss them below, then you can come to us for quality laminating services.

Affordable protection

Laminating servicesThe first benefit is that you’ll have a protective layer that is affordable. You can protect your artwork and your bank balance.

When you laminate these pieces, their durability increases and they will last longer. They will have protection against scratches, tears, and other damage. If you intend to install the canvases in high traffic areas such as lobbies or stairwells, the laminate is a really great investment. In addition, it becomes easier to protect them against dirt, dust, and sunlight.

Lamination also offers augmented protection against a major artwork killer; moisture. The film ensures it can’t reach the canvas or any paint or ink on it. Thus, spending a small amount to laminate can do a lot of good. It means you won’t have to worry even if you put the art in moisture rich locations. Contact us if you want first class laminating services.

Preserving prints

Secondly, you can preserve printed art. In the event, you’ve invested in some expensive art, you will need it to remain in top condition for years. Over time, standard artwork can deteriorate and fade. Consequently, it begins to look bad, decreasing the value. So, if you want to protect it and not lose your money, invest in lamination.

What’s more, lamination can preserve your art’s value over the long term. In the event you wish to sell your art later, the buyer will still get an excellent piece.

Enhance the look

With laminate on canvas prints, the exterior covering provides your artwork with a glossy appeal. Even when they get designed with a matte finish, the protective film can transform it. The extra shine on the artwork’s exterior can make it seem more impressive and attractive. It is easy for laminated prints to attract the attention of everyone. If you’re an artist that’s produced custom pieces, laminating will guarantee an excellent impression. This is one of the leading ways to get more attention for your art.

Pop-out colours

Finally, lamination can aid you in bringing more colours out on simple canvas prints. According to reviews, it makes them shine with more vibrancy. You can increase the efficiency of this technique if you have bright or light prints.

We understand how to deliver exceptional laminating services

At Foiling Services, we provide the quality services that ensure people consider us to be one of the leading lamination providers in the UK. Due to the nature of this process, it is easier to get wrong than it is right. Applying a film incorrectly could damage the item you are working with or result in a poor quality finish. Luckily, we are always cautious when working on a project and know exactly what to do for consistent results.

So, if you need our laminating services, feel free to get in touch. You can ask us about different films, application methods, benefits, and more.