Make your product unique with a special laminated finish

Decorative lamination services or foil gives products an additional layer of protection. This happens by making them more waterproof and improving impact and wear resistance. These finishes can be used on a huge number of products, from restaurant menus to furnishings. This is because they help to protect the substrate and reduce the risk of cosmetic damage. They are relatively easy to add to materials and come in a variety of different finishes. So, you can get the protection you want as well as additional aesthetic benefits.

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With our lamination and foiling services you can also reduce the cost of the product by using a cheaper substrate. With a menu for example there is no need to use thick expensive paper. After all, you are going to laminate it. Patrons won’t be able to feel the material itself. So, you can save costs and use a more affordable one if you wish.

Lamination servicesFoils and laminates are available in a great range of different finishes. So, you can customise products in any number of ways. These include everything from timber effect to holographic foil. You can also choose highly decorative ones with intricate embossed designs. With thicker laminates you could go for debossed if you want it to look like it is carved into the product. The choice means you can customise products but you want and differentiate them from others on the market.

With any foil or laminate, the application needs to be professional. It is possible to add these by either hot or cold processes. The choice for this will depend on the substrate material you are working with. It is important that you prepare the surface to make application easier. You also need to ensure the material is added carefully. This is so that you don’t get air bubbles and will be left with a smooth, flat surface.

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We specialise in laminating and foiling services, and have a great deal of experience in the field. We can add protective and decorative covers to all kinds of products. This includes complex bicycle helmets and product displays. When it comes to lamination services we truly excel and deliver the highest standards possible.