Decorative, functional and practical foiling

Many people assume that foiling services are only for improving the aesthetic look of objects. Whilst this is a very important part of what we do, the benefits of foiling go beyond looks. Our work also brings a valuable level of protection to products. In fact, it extends their lifespan as well as ensuring that their appearance remains pristine.

We have a decade of experience in the industry behind us. From this and our hard work, we have become the recognized leaders in the field of foiling services in the UK. Our team provides decorative foil in order to enhance products. In addition to this, we present foiling which is both functional and protective. This kind of foiling can be decorated or patterned. Or, it can be a clear film which provides protection without affecting the looks of the product.

Protection with foiling services

Foiling servicesA thin layer of film encasing a product or item might not sound like it would give all that much protection. The truth, however, is that it does. Foiling services are perfect for products which people handle frequently as part of their conventional use. The thin layer of protective film is unobtrusive. Plus, as it goes on the item via a heat shrinking process, it is possible to apply it without being noticeable. Although thin, the nature of the protective film we use means that the item is perfectly protected from scuffs and scratches. These would otherwise distract from its appearance and its functionality.

Whatever you need, we are here

It could be that you wish to alter the appearance of a product, or wish for invisible protection from frequent handling. Alternatively, maybe you are looking for a combination of aesthetics and protection. Regardless, we can deliver foiling services to a level that exceeds your expectations. Our purpose built plant in Malvern has been strategically selected. So, we are easily accessible from all points of the UK.

Maybe your requirement relates to foiling services for a one off prototype or unique display item. Or, it could be that you need foiling for many products and items. Whatever the case, you can trust you will receive the best work with us. So, reach out to Foiling Services today.