Make an impact with mirrored foiling

Our team applies decorative and functional foils to the products that our customers require. With this, we can transform practically any item into one that is durable and also aesthetically pleasing. We utilise a huge range of foils in our foiling services. Perhaps one of our most popular and visually appealing products are our mirrored foils. Available in a range of styles, they offer a great visual impact and an eye-catching look to any product that you use them with.

The best foiling services you can use

Foiling servicesIt is common to find mirror foils on advertising materials. This includes those such as signs, exhibition panels, points of sale displays and posters. They create a reflective service that is striking and bright when compared with other types of foiling. With our mirrored foils, you can be assured that they will continue to look great for a long time. They will continue to impress your customers, giving you excellent value for your investment.

Our mirrored foils are available in a variety of styles such as satin gold, gun metal and mirror silver. Regardless of the design of your advertising material, you will be able to find the best foil for it. We can apply our foils to practically any material. So, we can provide you with the foiling services needed to give it an aesthetic boost. We can do this regardless of the construction of your advertising materials.

Our foils are sourced and supplied solely from reputable manufacturers, such as Leonhard Kurz, Renolit and Poli-Film. This is so that you can be sure that you will receive only the finest products currently available on the market. Our foils are available in thicknesses of one to three millimetres. Other thicknesses, as well as colours, are available on request.

Rely on our team today

We provide foiling services for a wide variety of industries. Regardless of what product you need foiling and what material it is, we can help. Using either your own sheets supplied to us or our own, we will provide you with the foils that you need as quickly as possible. Whatever your foiling needs are, we assure you that we can fulfil them.