Foiling for decorative purposes

From signs to point of sale displays, the presence of foil can really provide a much needed boost to the aesthetic of any piece. Correctly applied and in the right colours, they can certainly make the item stand out amongst the crowd. They can be used to enhance either letters or graphics. We specialise in providing decorative foiling services in a range of thicknesses and a wide variety of styles. This will appeal to the aesthetic of any of our customers.

foiling servicesFoiling offers a much more impressive finish than the simple application of coloured inks. Foil can help add a 3D effect to letters. It is also great in certain places in order to highlight distinctive features and make them stand out. Used on items such as point of sale displays and packaging, it can certainly make a product stand out amongst its competitors. We specialise in applying both decorative and functional foils onto thermoplastic sheets. This means that your item will look fantastic and stay protected against wear and tear.

In order to provide the best possible foiling services, we keep a large stock of a wide variety of foils. We currently stock a range of mirror finish products. These include mirror silver, mirror gold and gun metal. We also have a range of brushed products in finishes such as brushed aluminium and brushed euro gold. These provide a distinct finish to any product you add them to. As we use the latest technology and the best materials available to us, you won’t need to put up with the standard silver finishes. Our wide array of colours will give your sign a boost that goes beyond a simple reflective addition.

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All products that we supply are completely manufactured to order. This means we can fully cater to your needs. Whatever foil you need, in whatever thickness and in whatever size, we will provide it for you. We have been providing foiling services since our inception in 2005 and have been proud to provide the best possible customer service since then. With our cutting edge machinery and our expert staff, we will ensure that the items get the right treatment and look phenomenal.