Hot foiling is efficient and gives you the opportunity to emboss materials

Embossed materials can provide a really stunning visual effect and have a fantastic texture to go with the aesthetics. With foiling services such as hot foiling techniques you can foil a wide range of different materials and emboss parts of the design to make the product unique. There are great opportunities to let your creativity run free and see what you can produce with this efficient technique. The process offers the added bonus that you can produce a batch of materials quickly.

Metallic foil printing is the most common method of hot foiling. It is quick and literally stamps the hot foil onto the substrate material, whether it is card, paper, leather or even wood. There are a wide range of metallic foils to choose from, with between 30 and 40 different colours. Gold and silver are the most common selections but there is a wide range of choice.

A little on embossing

foiling servicesEmbossing is a flexible technique and gives you the option to choose how much you want the design to stand out. There is the option to raise images a few millimetres to make them stand out and create texture. If you want something more you can choose a larger size to suit your needs.

With embossing you’ll need to make a bespoke female die and male counterforce. These can be manufactured specifically for you to match the design you want. The level of detail you can get from embossing will be determined by the material you are using as a substrate and the type of foil you go for.

The tooling costs for embossing mean it is better for a batch of items rather than a single one. The larger the batch the more spread out the set up and running costs will be, delivering economies of scale. If you are going to need additional batches in the future the same tools can be kept. So, the costs are much lower with every subsequent printing.

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